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Thread: Feeling really really lucky!

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    Default Feeling really really lucky!

    A couple of days ago I got a message on another *b/dl site (I would post the link but I think the site would be considered over 18) and was so happy that I had found a daddy. I had already had a big bro and I really really like him too, but I always wanted a daddy. Well I went to see him (I'm actually here now for the week) and it turns out not only did I get a daddy but I got another big bro and a lil bro too!
    To keep this from being a random "Yay!!!" post, how big is you ab family? And, how long did it take to get to the family size that you are at now?

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    Glad it worked out for you^^

    I only got one daddy (who sometimes is my lil kid, we change roles). My boyfriend was into AB and that's how I got my daddy/kid, right away

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    All I got is a big brother though me and him haven't Roleplayed in sometime. But we still talk nearly daily and we both still worry about each other, so it's not like roleplaying is a concern in comparison.

    But me and my real older brother have that same relationship, though I don't talk to him nearly as much mainly because I feel like I disappoint him. Not that he's in great situation's himself despite doing everything right.

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    Oww thats so great for you having an ab family like that

    I only have my big brother, who looks after me, but im happy with just that, cus hes more like a daddy than a big brother

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