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    While sitting at work, working hard, I started to drift off and my mind began to wonder around my head like a lost child in Disneyland.

    I was thinking I like pies, and I like diapers. I then thought what filling I would use if my diaper was a pie.

    Excluding yourself as a filling, even though we are often in diapers, what would your choice of filling be in your diaper pie?

    Mine I think would be a banoffee mix, banana and toffee, maybe with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in

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    Lol very odd post indeed my friend! But if I had to, I would say my filling would either have to be butterscotch or key lime. Yummy

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    dont forget pies can have savory fillings, like steak & ale, or chicken and carrot.

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    I thought I thought about weird things, but this takes the cake (or diaper-pie)!

    I think beef, bacon and cheese

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    It looks like my diaper pie is currently filled with chocolate.. but it doesn't smell like it.

    Kidding. Couldn't resist.

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    Steak and ale

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    Mmnn. That key lime pie would have to be the biggest part of my diaper pudding pie & lashings of double cream. I had never even heard of it until i had some round at a friends house. That was seriously yummylicious(home made too)

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    Whatever they make canolies out of. Cannolies are so delicious!

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    French fries! And Ketchup! With sour cream!

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