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Thread: Wearing to a 4 and a half hour college class?

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    Default Wearing to a 4 and a half hour college class?

    Should I wear during my class this coming Tuesday? It's a almost 5 hour evening class. We mainly just "listen" to the lecture and do whatever the hell we want while "listening".

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    A good diaper will last that long, with time to spare for getting to and from class. Will wearing a diaper distract you? Would that be OK?

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    I don't see any reason why not, if you will be wearing quality diaper that will last that long. if you don't, or aren't sure than you might want to reconsider as you wouldn't want any embarrassing leaks or have to go change. but otherwise, it sounds fine to me.

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    Tahe answer is clearly Yes. Be protected and have that feeling of comfort and confidence that you will not leave the lecture with wet pants. Maybe a wet diaper.

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    Go for it and enjoy yourself. It might be the most interesting thing all evening.

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    Just wear an undershirt and tuck it into your pants under your shirt if you don't have a Onesie to cover the back of your diaper from showing. You can always excuse yourself and throw the diaper in the bathroom trash if you bug out.

    But remember to pay attention in class!

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