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Thread: Fable III anyone??

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    Default Fable III anyone??

    Anyone play Fable III?? If so got any hints?? Ive personaly beat it but all my ppl died in the kingdom when the darkness attacked. So im playing it again so i can have ppl in my kingdom. Almost beat a second time and i just started over like on friday. Havent been able to play too much cause my family ( uncles aunts and hrandparents) butchered pigs this weekend. Cant wait to eat some liver, heart, tongue, and all that good stuff!!

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    Buy everything, every single property you can buy, buy it. The income you rake in is the only way you can keep the treasury full while playing a good character.

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    Blocked out for potential spoilers if people don't want to know how.

    That's what I was told, though I never liked the Fable sequels and didn't get far into them, so itm ay be wrong. I thought the original mechanics were far superior and didn't enjoy the other 2 at all.

    I honestly felt they should have named it something else, because it wasn't much like Fable at all.

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    Lol im doing that. I own every property currently aviable to me. I am makin around 60k every 5 min.

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    i just finished it the other day when you start the game buy the small houses in the gypsy camp first then work your way up , then go to the next town and do the same thing. buy all the businesses too. start with the small ones in the gypsy camp first. you do not even have to go to the town to do it. on your joy stick go to the sanctuary a nd move the magnifying glass over the town click a and focus the magnifier over the house buy it , fix it up and rent it out all from the sanctuary . make sure you keep tabs on your rentals because if you dont they will not yield any money. you can tell bye the flags on top.

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    i beat a long time ago if you want to be the greatest good ever and have a full treasury one simple trick can get you millions easy xbox control panel advance time by 1 year then go to game collect done and repeat as needed same trick worked in fable 2 i beta the game being good before this but everyone died the end...

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    You need to have loads of money in the treasury (I had at least 20 million), then no one will die, the more money the less people die.

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    How much money do you need to get the key in your personal treasury? I got almost 2 mill. and it still seems so far away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzle View Post
    How much money do you need to get the key in your personal treasury? I got almost 2 mill. and it still seems so far away.
    Itīs been a while since I played it the last time, but I think you need 5.000.000 to get the key

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