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    Do you just collect them or do you play with them? What kind are your favorites, baby or more grown-up ones, like American Girl ones?

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    I had a baby doll that could wet itself when I was about three years old. Anyway, dolls are sometimes very cute, but I generally prefer plushies.

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    I collect and play with them. I have several collectors type dolls (and a few of them which I'm guilty of having opened. >.< ) I want an American Girl doll but haven't been able to justify the expense.

    I have a few porcelain dolls that I like to take pictures with. I also have normal baby dolls for playing with. I have barbies, including two collector Scarlett O'Hara dolls, one of which I've opened and played with. @[email protected] Most of my barbies aren't collector and have been deboxed.

    I collect Sailor Moon dolls though... Going rate for my most expensive one is $250 ish since it's still in the box. I got it back in the 90s when it wasn't as pricey and I was actually a kid.

    I like the more grown up dolls more. I like having the long hair to style and whatnot.

    I play with collectables even. It's a little hard for me to justify playing with a $100 toy, but I do.

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    I have a few barbies and well I have to admit they're the girl version of GI joes

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    I really love Lalaloospy Dolls. I tried to post about them before but no one else seemed to like them, everyone really should give them a look! I also am one of the biggest fans of Strawberry Shortcake. I really do love dolls of all types though, and love to collect and play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    Anyway, dolls are sometimes very cute, but I generally prefer plushies.

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    I like to play with them, more than just collect them & then just display them!! With me, even with the more grown-up ones, I like to put them in diapers & play with them as if they are baby doll!! Silly, I know!! **giggle**

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    I'm more of a plushies girl. I have a gigantic tub of them in the attic (stupid parents and me being a guy so I "can't have plushies cause men don't have stuffed animals" ) but I sleep with a couple of them. And once I get some feetie pajamas from pajam gram I will wear them and bring one of my plushies to school for a pj day as a joke.

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