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    I just finished my reservations for Disney World.
    I am going for 5 nights/6days in October for the Food & Wine Festival in EPCOT.
    Yes, I am planning on wearing diapers 24/7 while there.

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    I've wanted to go to that for a long time. Hope you have a blast

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    Anyone also been to Legoland?
    Its about an hour away from Disney World.

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    You're going to have a blast! ^^ The wife and I went a few years back and it was the best!

    Due to my fear of flying, we took a three-day drive across the country to get there. However, it was was totally worth it, as we spent ten days there.

    I found that to be the right amount of time. We spent at least two days at each of the four parks. We pretty much saw everything we wanted to and made some great memories!

    If I could give some advice, that we didn't receive beforehand, it would be to make restaurant reservations NOW! We didn't know to prior to arriving and had to rely on people dropping their tables. Great food, but it's in demand!

    I hope you have as much fun as we did! ^_^

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    I'm sitting in a McDonald's at Disney Land Paris right now, on a school trip! I've nothing else to say, just though I'd share it!

    It's my birthday today!!!!

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    Oh you'll have fun!!!!!! I went to Disney Land once it was fun & if you get the Night passes it's better cause there's less people!! Never been to Legoland but id love to go there someday. Have FUN!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersam1223 View Post

    It's my birthday today!!!!
    Happy Birthday dude!

    Magus, I went to Disney as a kid. You are going to have a great time! You even get to wear diapers.. lucky!

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    I have been to Disney World many times.
    The last time (2 years ago), I convinced my mother that I should wear diapers the whole time.
    I wear at night - she thinks I wet the bed.
    I do actually have frequency issues - from diabetes - so I go about every hour.
    I told her that it would be better if I was diapered. I stopped at First Aid for changes.
    They have a private room with a low couch.

    I will be in diapers again for this trip. I will be bringing a case of Attends.

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