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Thread: Sites?

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    Default Sites?

    So I'm curious as to what other sites everyone goes on?
    Not just AB/DL but in general but not too general as in Youtube/Facebook/Twitter :P

    And that I want to find some new sites that might be of interest~

    Sites that I go on regularly~
    Hexrpg - It's a Harry Potter site.
    And sometimes IMDB and wiki - when i want to look up syndromes, medical, political stuff :P

    Other then that I don't go on many site's~
    Well and sometimes IMVU.

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    Let's see Deaviantart,cartoon network(yes i said that right), 39 clues, housepets, and geocaching.

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    I don't really go on many sites anymore, I guess I've gotten quite boring ><

    Other than programming and graphics sites, which I generally only use when I'm looking for help or ideas I go on Deviantart, FA, YouTube, and that's actually about it. I used to be a big forums guy and I was on several graphics forums, and a few programming forums. But university is quite time consuming

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    Oh I go onto DevientART at times stopped now~
    Might re-join at some point~
    Oh I haven't been on Cartoon Network in ages!
    Haven't heard of the other sites though~
    What are they about?

    Ah I think that happens to all of us really :P
    Oh you do graphics?
    What kind of graphics do you do?
    Oh what do you take in Uni?

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    I go on everyday and which is the home of Cyanide and Happiness. Every once in awhile I'll jump on because of some old flash games I used to play.

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    Default - website for sharing sound files (music & sound effect & sound bytes) - Website for sharing sound effects - Website for sharing desktop backgrounds - Image sharing website - Image sharing website - Website containing free custom fonts - Image sharing website
    Portable - Free portable apps for USB drives for computers
    Where’s George - Website for marking and tracking dollar bills where they go after you spend them

    I go to other websites, but these are the ones I frequent the most
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    I have a fairly long list of sites I check in on occasionally, most are programming, infosec, or fetish related..

    Sites I check on frequently mainly consist of: (pretty much daily..)
    xkcd (mon, wed, friday)
    slashdot (..I know it's gone way down hill.. but my lunch time perusal of slashdot is a long standing tradition for me)

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    Unless you count sites whose content I view through dedicated apps on my iPad/iPhone, ADISC and google reader are the only two sites I view regularly these days. Usually on the last day of the month I'll do a rapid read through of the archives of the webcomics I like though. Beyond that, there aren't really any sites I use regularly unless you want to use a really loose interpretation of regularly.

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    The place I work for has a firewall that blocks access to certain websites. I have two websites that I use as tools that help me avoid getting into trouble by running into the firewall.
    WatchGuard Test-a-Site - This websites tells you what category a website falls under. - This website will tell you the IP address of any website as well as what country the serve for that website is based out of.

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    Fur afinnity
    Tooth paste for dinner
    Equestra daily
    You tube

    Apart from ADISC there aren't many more I visit

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