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    Starcraft post: cause this forum needs one.

    So who here plays starcraft? I do!

    Anyone else?

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    I used to play it but only because my ex-bf gave it to me for xmas so I could play it with him. I hated it from the get go. I much preferred WarCraft. I know, I know, you're going to say it's the exact same thing, but I couldn't get around all the weird sh*t (stupid names for stuff) in StarCraft for some reason. I'm not sure if I even still have the I guess I won't be playing it again any time soon. be totally honest...I much preferred Diablo and then Diablo II to either of the other two games. *shrugs* Just something about killing stuff one-on-one that I preferred I guess *wicked grin*

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    in boyscouts we have a coumputer lock in. 7 pm to 7 am of computer games. really, the only game we play is starcraft. me and one other person are good at it. everyone else stinks.

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    I play, mostly as the Protoss, sometimes as humans, and almost never as the Zerg.

    Can't wait for Starcraft 2 to release though

    the other RTS I play is Total Anhillation (For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the spiritual predecessor to Supreme Commander). I'm usually the Arm rather than the Core.

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    Well I looked...and I didn't find the StarCraft cds...I did however find my D2 cds sooooooooo if anyone wants to get up a game of that, I'm...pun fully! :-D

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    SC2 will be awesome, but not everyone will be able to play it, I still call for a SC game, even after SC2 is released.

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    I know Tsendo's ID, anyone who wants mine PM me.

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    I still play Starcraft Religiously. Protoss = :nutkickur: <---Zerg

    Thats teh kickass, we should have a Star craft game online ADISC style sometime. That would be uber fun.
    Yes that would be awesome
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    It's surprising, as I don't like sci-fi stuff much, but yeah, I loved it until my CD got broken. u.u

    I sucked at it, though.

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