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Thread: Has anyone ever noticed your diaper?

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    Default Has anyone ever noticed your diaper?

    I was just wondering if anyone here was ever noticed in public? The other day, i was in line buyimg a pack of Tena pants when a young lady, about twenty or so, asked me if those were any good. She said she was incontinent too...and then started discussing various products. So I'm wondering if anyone else was ever noticed?

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    I was buying a bag of tena flex and the girl at the till started to tell me they are a great product and she uses them herself and started talking about other incontinence products she used

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    only one ever yo notice was a security checkpoint guard. Other then that nobody's cared enough to let me know they noticed if anybody did.

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    plenty of times. airport security (pretty much impossible to not notice) flight attendants, friends, strangers, and I'm sure many people for whom I never noticed them noticing me.

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    No one has ever said anything to me about. However, I'm sure that some people must have noticed.

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    Im sure people have. I havent been asked about it, i do try and keep it hidden.

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    Well, for wearing, if they do, they don't say it, because I wore an M4 with a Drynites stuffer today from when I woke up till 4 in the afternoon, saw my grandparents, my father, one of my close friends and went into town to go shopping, and I didn't hear a word of it.

    However, when I was coming home with my two packs of M4's I scored for $5 each, airport security noticed, but they didn't say anything. I suppose it wouldn't be THAT uncommon.
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    Yes one time when I had my nylon track pants on over a diaper some friends and I went to the store I bent down to get something and one of my friends said you might want to pull your pants up a bit or tuck your shirt in.
    I had forgotten all about the diaper, I am so use to wearing them, nothing else was said I stood back up pulled my pants up a bit and we went on are way.

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    I once went out with to a meal with some acquaintances while diapered. I'm paranoid that they saw, but I'm probably imagining things.

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    Yes, one time I was at the mall. I had dropped my phone, I bent down to grab it and my pants went down, I was wearing jeans. Jeans must of slid down and diaper showed somewhat. I looked back two people were laughing. Not sure if it was about me or what. I thought it was probably my diaper showing...

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