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Thread: My Fursona in the works....

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    Default My Fursona in the works....

    So I'm new to the furrry fandom but given that my roommate is a furry and I have been a furry waiting to happen I started working on my Fursona. Not so much a baby/diaper fur but I imagine my AB and Fur side will collide sometime. So I have some up with a couple bits of work here figured I would share. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xaren Formal.jpg 
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ID:	7361Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xaren Warrior Fursona.jpg 
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ID:	7362

    I drew the concepts for these but my fur drawing is far from par so I used a program on Deviant Art and a bit of photoshop to finish things up. So if you are working on a Fursona and your fur drawing abilities are as bland as mine here is the link to what I used: Create A Fursona v3 Male by *tony64 on deviantART This is the male version there is also a female version.
    OH! If you do end up using the link the only way to save your work is the Print Screen button and pasting it into whatever image program you have.


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    Thanks ^^

    Now I have to build the suit. I have a pretty decent idea of how to make them, but knowing how and actually making a suit are completely different.

    Hopefully in the next couple months I will at least have the head, forepaws, and tail complete. Can live without the body for a bit but it is the easiest part to make so I can do that anytime. Just a matter of supplies... College + Appartment = money is tight at the moment. But soon it shall be done.

    On a side note I think the reason I have an affinity for Furryness has in part to do with plushies and partially due to mild shamanic undertones of it all. I thought about doing a more reaistic colorization based on a grey fox but I decided to go with a more escentric coloring.

    I came to the conclusion that it is for fun as well as a way to express myself in a society where my actions have way to many reprocutions in my line of work. AB and a the military would love that, granted I am only reserves now but still there is a lot of prejudice in the military. I think it will be a great way to help deal with stress.

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    Likes like a grown, full anthro version of mine, although I can only see the thumbnails because it says I'm banned.

    Can't tell if copycat, or great minds think alike...

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    On live journal the are a lot of how to make fursuits in fursuit

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    hehe, Pretty similar there. The end game on mine is too be more fox like.

    On live journal the are a lot of how to make fursuits in fursuit
    Yeah I've been looking at a lot of stuff on there. Great resource.

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