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    Smile Hey

    Hey, I'm at a loss as to what to say...but this pretty much sums me up:
    I like computers, play lots of computer games, am a tb but haven't used diapers
    ive always wanted to be little again and to be cared for as if i were a baby and i pushed it back for a while (years) and it came back stronger
    ...I vividly remember thinking "I'm the only one, so ill get diapers and stuff but not tell anyone," so i guess im lucky that there are more people like me XD.
    lol I nearly stole some diapers from a supermarket once.....
    but yeaaaaah.......
    anyway, i found out about ADISC via wikipedia and here i am

    i love wikipedia XD

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    Hi and welcome. Yes, you will find a lot of other people like you here, such as myself. I think most of us went through the "am I the only one?" stage; I certainly did. It was a great relief to discover that I was not even close to being the only one out there. This community is great for the most part, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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    Welcome, I have pushed my feelings back before as well. They always come back.
    I too enjoy playing computer games but I'm usually seen making people eat my dust on the racing games :P

    But ya, I'm pretty sure everybody has had that "Im the only one" stage, I know I did for sure but then I started talking to others on msn and it just went away.

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    Ahhhh *plushy pile on PyramidHead*. You are not alone. We have a lot of people that would love to chat with you.

    It is nice to meet you, See you around.

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