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    How long should I use a pacifier? Should I use it all night long? It really does help me
    sleep. I just started using it last week and I use it for like 2 hours at night, should I
    use it all night long?

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    I don't know if u are asking from a medical/dental pov but I use mine all night and sometimes during the day as well if I am really stressed.

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    use it as long as you like
    i usually keep using mine until my teeth start to hurt but i sometimes use it even when they are hurting

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    I guess im asking about will my teeth hurt more I use it? Or will I just get use to it..

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    the longer you use it in one go te more it will hurt your teeth.....ive heard from other users that you get used to it over time but i havent yet

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    I find that my pacifier hurts my teeth as well after sucking for a short while. The feeling is the same as when I wore braces as a teen - the dull ache was from my teeth moving. My paci is a toddler size silicone Nuk. I really like it but it's just a bit too small. I was wondering - do the adult sized pacifiers make your teeth hurt as well?

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    I dont they make one for us adults, we'll just have to stuck with a toddler size!

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