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Thread: Kindle vs Traditional Books

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    Default Kindle vs Traditional Books

    Does anyone else here use a kindle to read ? I love books, and read a lot, and when i first saw the kindle advertised, I thought it wasn't for me. I love reading, nut I also love books themselves. However, since I tried Kindle, (I don't own a Kindle, but use the app on my iapd) I don't think I'd readily go back to reading normal printed books again. it's just so much easier, and I can take it with me anywhere. I can download books in seconds, and buy any book I want, and also holding it in bed is so much easier :-)

    Does anyone else agree, or do you prefer traditional books ?

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    I have an iPad on which I regularly read books. The big advantage is size and weight. Books are heavy and hard to lug around. I still read regular books if I can't get a book that I want in ebook form, but I prefer ebooks.

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    i like the nook color because it is touch and can get cool backrounds and apps plus it can get most books.

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    I don't own a kindle, but I have used one before and I like it over traditional books to be honest. The main thing I do like about traditional books though, is that you can often find plenty for pretty cheap at used book stores or yard sales, over the fees for e-books (and the device its self =p). Plus there can be resale of traditional books, especially important for textbooks imo.

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    I got a kindle for Christmas, and absolutely love it! The best part is all the free ebooks, there's so many great books that are no longer under copyright.
    The pdf reader is pretty great, so if you read a lot of journal articles for university it's a good investment... beats reading from a computer screen or printing them out.

    The only problems I see are that ebooks (unlike normal books) have VAT added to the price, which I don't really understand. Also not being able to read a book and then give it to somebody else or resell it etc.
    I hope in the future they establish ebook libraries... imagine being able to borrow any book instantly... It's hard to see how it would work though. How do we carry the spirit of the library over to ebooks in a way that is fair to publishishers/authors?

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    I used to have a 3rd Generation Kindle, but I recently gave to my mother when she started Dialysis. I use the app on my iPad and Laptop though to read books quite regularly

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    I hope in the future they establish ebook libraries... imagine being able to borrow any book instantly... It's hard to see how it would work though. How do we carry the spirit of the library over to ebooks in a way that is fair to publishishers/authors?
    Actually, a recent update to the Kindle firmware (not sure if it applies to the apps, have to check when back on my computer) enables library lending. I'm not sure how it applies to other libraries, but for my local library they can lend one electronic copy for each physical copy they have through a website. It was a nice feature when I played with it, but sadly all but a few of the books I'm interested in that my library has aren't available on (I read books on programming for fun...)

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    I have a kobo reader my wife got me. Wouldn't have gone for it except that it was only $50 at the Borders going out of business sale.

    She has an Android based tablet (Cruze Reader? I think?) that I got her for Christmas a year ago.

    I'm still fine with traditional books, but the electronic version does have its charms. For the record, I have yet to buy an electronic book. Our public library has a pretty good selection of e-books, so I don't even have to make the trip into town, and after the loan period, it "returns" itself. Then of course there's Cut, paste, drag and drop works pretty well for diaper stories found here. Yes, I had to try, just for the halibut. Obviously I've got to be a little careful about letting it lay around with those on it.

    Someone mentioned reading in bed - yeah it is nice for that, except that I rarely manage more than a couple of pages before the eyes close.

    I think I like the wife's android version a little better because of the backlighting. You can read in bed without turning the lights on. Downside being less than marvelous battery life.

    Bottom line: I don't see paper books going away any time soon, but readers are a fun toy.
    Oh, one more benefit. I lean towards being a pack rat, so getting and reading books electronically helps me fight excess clutter and accumulation. Bit by bit I've been doing the same thing with personal and financial records - scanning them and storing them electronically where possible.
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    I dont own a kindle at the moment, i did have one but something happened to it. For the moment im stuck with using the Kindle App on my phone but it still works as good. I hate reading paper books, i just cant bring myself to doing it. Kindle Motivates me to read a lot more than i normally would.

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    I prefer traditional books. Probably because I have never tried a Kindle.

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    I have a Kindle but I don't like buying books. I just like going to the library and checking them out. I prefer the real feel of the page too.

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