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Thread: losing control

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    Default losing control

    just thought i would ask when u first started wearing diapers did any of u become incontinent because of it ??

    all thoughts welcome

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    um no?

    Not to seem rude but I don't think that's possible. (Been wrong before but I have never heard of that before).
    Most kinds of IC I have heard of were caused by an illness, a genetic quirk of some kind, or an accident, and then there is that occasional story of childhood bedwetting that never stopped.

    I have never heard of anyone becoming IC just by wearing diapers.

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    Nope, I don't think so

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    I don't think that can happen to you. Maybe your bladder becomes more relaxed and unable to hold as much, since you don't try to hold it. But I don't think that it can make you incontinent. For something like that to happen, you'd have to have a serious medical problem.

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    I started wearing diapers after I became incontinent, not the other way round.

    From time to time, I've read reports on forums from people who claim to have become incontinent as a result of wearing diapers; but I really don't know whether it's true. If it's true, I think that it would be something that might happen after years of wearing 24/7. You won't become incontinent from occasional diaper use.

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    I think you can, but you have to really try to. In other words, you can un-potty train your self, if you just go in a diaper every time when you have to urge to pee, sooner or later your body won't bother holding it for the rest room, and just let it go right then there,

    but just wearing it and doing nothing else wont do anything, there might be a sub-conscious level, where when you wear a diaper, you think washroom and you relax, and brain just assumes it should go, but yea.

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    I would think that if you wear 24/7 for years you can come close? But not by just wearing often.

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    I have a friend who claims this happened to him after wearing for 2 years. He tried to quit and had accidents most nights so he went back into diapers

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    I have never heard of anyone who became incontinent because they began wearing diapers. This is not to say that it has happened to someone. But the chances are that you will become incontinent because you wear them to bed is greater than the odds of you winning the Powerball or Mega Millions Lotteries in the same week you played them.

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    It's impossible to become incontinent just from wearing diapers.

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