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Thread: harmful chemicals in disposable diapers O_o

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    Default harmful chemicals in disposable diapers O_o

    found on another forum I visit:
    peaceful parenting: The Chemicals in Disposable Diapers

    your thoughts?

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    I think I'd prefer to see a more quantitative list. Given the relative sizes of molecules and people, and how easily the former disperse, I would think it borders on impossible to not get exposed to something that's listed as toxic at some point in the course of breathing for one day.
    Based on the logic of: if it's present, it's bad, I'd have to suggest steering clear of things like water and air (given a sensitive enough test method, I'll find dozens of toxins in any source you care to name).

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    You pose a good point.

    also... your avatar makes me laugh, must mean i'm a nerd XD

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    It would be _very_ hard to argue that the amounts of those chemicals would pose any danger to a baby, much less an adult. As has been said.. the world is toxic, it comes down to exposure and dosage. You can take any household item and identify all manner of toxic compounds.

    Other thing to keep in mind that just because they are present, doesn't mean you are being harmed by them. Most toxins require specific circumstances to be harmful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traemo View Post
    Based on the logic of: if it's present, it's bad, I'd have to suggest steering clear of things like water and air
    .....and not forgetting that oxygen is the number 1 cause of death on planet earth

    as for the OP's post and link (and all and any suchlike which abound on the intersnot), the 'data' published was outdated when it was published, in 98/99.
    most manufacturers stopped using chlorine bleaching in the late 80s/early 90s, resulting in a lovely-but-brief period of off-white diapers as they sought the new processes for oxygen based bleaching.
    other issues presented in the link (and elsewhere) have also become non-issues as the manufacturers have become aware of them and adapted their processes as needed.
    other claims as to the unhealthiness of dispies are politically skewed subjective interpretations of 'research'.

    i would suggest that dispies are as harmful or less, as being within smelling distance of an internal combustion engine and it's means (and you don't hear of anyone refusing to fill up their car because of the carcinogenic effects of gasoline vapours, do you?)

    take it all with a pinch of sodium-chloride (and i'm pro-cloth!)

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    Lets be honest there are dangerous chemicals in virtually everything, providing you are getting a low dose then nothing bad is going to happen and seeing as how the data for this is over 10 years old and we haven't heard about the number of babies due to diaper related toxicity means that it is probably at a very low level as to not cause a problem also the manufacturers could have changed the diapers so that the toxic chemical is no longer found within the diaper.

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