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Thread: Nite Diaper Prep

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    Default Nite Diaper Prep

    How do you diaper up for nite time?
    My diaper routine is usually the same each nite.
    After a hot shower I dry off and use a hair dryer to get extra dry in the diaper area. Desitin is my special area cream for potential diaper rash. Next it is vasoline in a baby diaper scent rubbed all over the diaper area.
    An Abena M4 is layed out on the bed and a booster pad is inserted and dusted with J&J baby powder. Next is washing hands with soap time so the tape will stick well. After the tabs are in place for a nice tight fit a Euroflex clear or colored plastic pant is added to finish it off.
    After a nite on the town last nite I was soaked and awake by 3am and repeated the diaper process.

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    i realy dont get it i tried all the brands and i have come up with super dry for kids. i tried 24/7s they were the best, but to expensive to ship,molicare but they were not baby enough i tried cushies they were great , but not much different from super dry for kids.attends but they leaked to much you cant trust them. My schedule is get a medium super dry for kids, lay it on the bed , baby powder the butt part not the front, take a shower put baby oil on ,wash hands get squeaze bottle of baby lotion squeaze it on lay down on diaper, make sure you put it on right, because if you put it on wrong it will leak. fasten on like a pare of pants then get a second diaper, a large super dry for kids as a cover diaper and do the same make sure the stay dry gathers cover the first diaper and the plastic of the second diaper rides up on your back so that if any liquid gets free it will soak into the second diaper,then get a onesy on cosyndry puts out a good one so does babykins . i like the extended leg one from babykins the best, but it is a throw up between cosyndry they have a large tall that i like .i made the mistake of buying a white one, it stains real easy. some times i put a cloth diaper on from babykins and put a superdry for kids on the back of it ,for protection and for looks it makes it look like the perfect diaper from the 80s

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    I have the luxury of using gauze profolds. I have a couple of oblong prefold with terry cloth sewn in the center, one too large and the other too long but not wide enough. I lay a regular diaper folded trapeziodal (front narrow that mack) and use the oversize terry stuffed as a liner, folded in thirds with the back splayed out a little. Then a regular gauze liner over this. This makes a stunning thick pakage, especially with the excess lenght of the terry stuffed diaper folded in. It's a little hard to get a fit when I pin it that will stay up, But, hey, it's a night diaper, staying up isn't its primary purpose. I wear PUL pants over all and a onesie to hold it all together.

    This makes truly delightful overstuffed padding and a very marked waddle, and is noticiably pleasent in bed. And it holds a stunning amount of liquid. I finally filled one to leakage last night (hard time sleeping, lot of beer) and it weighted a ton. Very convenient, but moreso fun. Oh, and I use A&D ointment (or a knock-of) works pretty well especially when I let a mess stay in the diaper for a while. (Too squishy to give up.)

    --no virtue without temptation; no redemption without trangression

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    My usual nighttime diaper routing is remove previous diaper, have a shower, fluffy towel dry, put on barrier cream, powder up an Abena M4 diaper, put the diaper on and tape it up, then put plastic pants on over that and then finally put on a sleeper

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    Undress completely, wear a drynite and a shirt Really simple... But it makes me feel like I'm really a little bedwetter

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    I shower, dry off, balmax cream and powder and then put on my diaper.

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    I generally just wear an Abena (X-Plus) or a dry 24/7 with a maxi booster. Just a light dusting of powder and possibly some Desitin in some specific spots if I need it (I rarely do).

    I just realized that tomorrow is January 25th, which means in 1 more day i'll have worn overnight for 1 month straight. For someone who only wore very very occasionally (once a month perhaps) before, that just blue my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LastintheCloud View Post
    Undress completely, wear a drynite and a shirt Really simple... But it makes me feel like I'm really a little bedwetter
    Usually pretty damn similar to that.
    Some nights no shirt, some nights I have a pacifier in. =]

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    I'm really simple when it comes to getting in bed lately.
    I pull on a Good-Nights (or CVS, sleep pants) and wrap that in a velcro all-in-one from Babykins.
    After that I dig through the pile of tees and tanks in the closet until I get frustrated with all the choices, then just grab one, then hop into bed.
    I generally only have a fitted sheet over a plastic one, and a hello kitty fleece on the bed since I'm a bit of a fitful sleeper.

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    Get undressed.
    Put on diaper.
    Snuggle up with plushie

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