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    Howdy! I'm Scott, and I'm a DL from central Texas. My username comes from the fact that I am also a furry (a dragon, hence... scales), which is currently a much more involved aspect of my life than being a DL. It was for that reason I decided to get on some DL forums, and talk about these great things that we share. I'm not typically an active forum poster, but I try to make all of my posts contribute something significant to the thread :3

    As far as other interests, I do autocross, play milsim sports, fix computers as a hobby and a profession, and generally try to keep a good variety of activity in my life.

    It would be great to become closer in this community and get to know everybody! The open doors are much appreciated, and I'm sure I'll find an accepting and fun crowd here.

    Peace. :3

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    Hey there Scott and Welcome to ADISC! You are totally not alone, there is a large furry community here from what I've seen, especially in the chats and other places. I feel like you'll feel right at home here, and I just wanna say that even though I'm not a furry myself.. I'm a very odd little girl who thinks that dragons are adorable.

    I love your positive attitude about getting into things, and you seem to have a good impression of the site already. I really am always happy to meet new members, you guys are the best group there is. If you don't mind, I totally have some questions based on what you said. Some of these I probably could just google to get answers for, but it allows you to share a little more if you feel like it.

    Autocross, what is it and what's your favorite thing about it?

    Milsim sports is another term I'm not familiar at it, so same question as above.

    How did you get interested in DL stuff, since you actually didn't mention much of it and I am kind of interested. It's awesome that you didn't though, I got a good vibe from you because of it. A really great intro really.

    I hope to get to know you too! My door is indeed very open! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful time here!

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    Welcome! ^^ I'm glad you found us!

    I'm also glad to see that the 'furries' (of which I am including you ^^) have continued to expand their influence! I am curious, though, how you came to choose a dragon. I have read many stories of how people choose to be cute, adorable, fuzz-covered animals, but few of how one chooses a strong, bold creature like a dragon. ^_^

    Fixing computers is a wonderful skill to have. I wish I was more adept at repairing hardware issues. Software I can deal with, not so much the nuts and bolts, though. I bet you never run out of people like me bugging you for help

    Very much looking forward to your contributions! Welcome again!

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    Wow! Thanks for the great reception

    Gigglemuffinz, pleasure to meet you, and thanks for the reply! I'm glad you're interested, and I'd be happy to answer. I think the "what" of your questions is best answered by pictures, followed by text. X3


    ...Source: 2008 Road Trip to the Mustang Grand National Photo Gallery

    Autocross is essentially racing by lap-comparison through a technical driving course represented by cones on a large, open surface (like the airfield here). I love it for the amount of precision control it requires, and how that translates to what I can get out of the vehicle; I think my favorite aspect is (...adrenaline rush, but also..) watching my practice improve my control of the car. People trust me when I drive them places, because they know that, out of all their friends my age, I'm probably going to not get them killed in a car accident. I like the vote of confidence


    Milsim is an umbrella term describing a type of action sport, in which participants essentially role-play combat using realistic military uniforms/apparel and replica firearms (which shoot hard, plastic bullets at several hundred feet per second... you know when you're hit). In the higher tiers of this sport, you get skills honed that you would typically see developed in military-level training, depending on the experience level of all participants. I regularly play with Marines, Army infantry, we've even had a Seal out a couple of times. It's quite an adrenaline rush, and that's my favorite part about it.

    As for DL stuff: Around 13 or 14, similar to most, I realized that the feelings I'd always got, for years, when I saw a diaper was that I kinda wanted to wear one again. So, one morning, before school, I hopped on my bike and rode to a nearby store... Pampers Size 6 X3 and after that, of course, it was easy to tell that this was something I'd be keeping. I'd be happy to share more, down the line in other threads.

    Good to meet a fellow fur, onecho! It really is an amazing community; the most accepted I've ever felt, and I've met some very, very cool people because of it. My dragon fursona, "Ike", came about fairly recently, but I've always known I'd "be a dragon" if I could go back and choose, something just always stuck with dragons in the back of my mind. I guess I share all the "qualities", being lazy, etc. Anyway, I fantasized about having an orange dragon form since as long as I can remember. I know that is quite odd to most, but in my mind all I hear is "That... is bad ass." So, I just kept it all in my head, lurking FA and various other sites, until I hit college. I discovered a close buddy of mine, whom I met through milsim team, was a closet fur (the "discovery" is a great story for another time). We built on each others' interest in the fandom, and I had to come up with a name for my fursona. Well, I always liked the story of Icarus, and the strangely appropriate name stuck. And the jacket.. also a story for another time X3

    That.. was excessive. Lol.

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