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Thread: Bambino Bellissimo out of stock

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    Default Bambino Bellissimo out of stock

    I saw the cases out, and now the bags too. I emailed them since there was no status update on their web page, and was told 45 to 90 days (1 1/2 to 2 months) until they are back in stock. Yikes.

    Bambino really needs to work on their product availability. They find themselves out of stock of products on a somewhat regular basis.

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    The demand exceeds the supply. BHG may not be that big of a company and they often need to play catch up.

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    I was really craving the Bellissimos, so I ended up buying a case of Teddys.

    I guess it gives me an excuse to buy another case when they are available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawlf View Post
    The demand exceeds the supply. BHG may not be that big of a company and they often need to play catch up.
    They ARE the supply. It's not like there's a run on Bellissimos at stores all over the world - TBHG is the only company that sells them. They're manufactured exclusively for TBHG. If they've ran out, it means they allowed themselves to run out by not keeping their orders placed in advance. (I'm assuming they're manufactured in China like everything else, and because they have to be shipped they need to be ordered a few months in advance) This either means that they had an unforeseen spike in demand AND didn't maintain a good buffer in their warehouse, OR they're having cash flow problems. Considering they're a "premium brand" that has a high markup, there's no reasonable reason for them to be having a cash flow problem. So it comes down to them making a mistake somewhere or other if this keeps being an issue.

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    I hope they hurry. I have a fresh prepaid and a P.O. Box now. I've always wanted to get my hands on some.

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    Just to add my two cents.

    I got a few of these from a friend, and they are, by far, the most comfortable diaper I have worn. They give me a new meaning for the word "padded". My opinion, definitely worth the wait.

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