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    Default Hi!. New on ADISC Comm

    Hi all ^^

    I'm bbburu. Since, i'm new on this community, i'll feature myself =D

    I'm an 18 years old guy, who likes babyfur, sissy, some of bdsm and a more bit things ^^. I'm currently the admin of a mature AB/DL/TB/BF spanish-community, called "Diaper Foro". I've found ADISC searching in google for AB/DL things ^^.

    Well. My fursona =D

    It's a lil two-tailed fox, who likes to be a geeky-one ^^!. He is (said by another people) cute, smart and a very gentle lil' bro =3.

    Well, sorry if i haven't introducted myself, but in this times, the University takes a lot of my time ^^

    Well, see ya!.


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    Good to have ya.
    Hablo poquito, tengo vocabularo de bebe....

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    hola como estas oy? perdon no e escrbir much espanol pero se soy media mexicana y cubana.... gahh no se como usar accentos.....

    *giggles* sorry for my horrible Spanish i can only really talk and read it in im in a Spanish class right now to work on my writing and reading ^^

    anywas welcome to adisc its pretty nice here anyways i hope to see you posting around!!

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    ....helo id say somthing in spanish but im only in spanish one and not good enough to post as such. But Hasta luego amego.

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    Uhh, taco? Haha jk. (I wasn't trying to be racist so don't give me bad rep)

    Anyways welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Best of Luck,

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    Welcome to the site. My Spanish is awful so I won't even try, but welcome nonetheless.

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    Thanks all for the Warm Welcome ^^.

    Drew: Awww, don't worry. If someone wants to learn spanish, i would show you -^^- [I'm not perfect at english, but i do my best!]

    Mandy_Jonas: Jijiji, don't worry. A lot of people, perhaps talks spanish, doesn't know how to put tildes right. ^^. All is based, on a very simple use of the grammar rules =D

    gamebaby: Weeee. Mario as baby. ^-^. Don't worry if you missunspelled the word "amigo", it's ok ^-^. About the errors, is how the human learns ^-^

    EpicPie: Mmmmm. Tacos *foxie goes out, and search some tacos*... Geez, i'm hungry :-$

    spacemanBEN: Hi. Thanks for the welcome =D

    Well, thank you all you by this interesting welcome. Maybe i won't post a lot, but i'll try it in my free-times ^-^



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    Welcome to the site! I must have missed this one... I'm on a mission to great everybody

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    Welcome to the site. I've got books for learning Spanish. However, I have books for learning about 20 languages.

    Thanks for telling us some stuff about yourself. Really look forward to seeing you round site.


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