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Thread: Holy Cow! It happened!

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    Default Holy Cow! It happened!

    Hey everyone,

    Instead of launching into a very lengthy explanation, you can check out my blog for the back story on this thread. (I have a link in my signature above the huge blue bumper sticker)

    Anyway, I wasn't even really trying to do it last night (which makes me even more nervous), but I've been wearing diapers to bed almost every other night for last month and every night for the passed week. For some reason, I'm foolishly seeking how to get that bedwetting experience one more time. It's not something I want to do more than once, and I obviously don't want to start it up again. If I were in high school maybe, but i'm sure in high school I would say "Well if I was in elementary school Maybe."

    I went to bed extremely tired from the bedwetting methods keeping me up all week. This time, I threw on a fresh diaper to just sleep in for fun and put to rest the whole bedwetting thing. But before I went to sleep though, I decided to just gulp down half of my remaining glass of water. Needless to say, I slept like a log and woke up early with the need to pee. It wasn't painful or urgent like it was with the multiple glasses of water, so I decided to go back to sleep.

    When I woke up this morning, I thought I was just really sweaty, but upon further inspection.. the diaper had a pretty massive pee in it. I was pretty excited, but the whole thing is bittersweet. What happens if this happens again? It's not like I really tried some crazy method and it worked. I'm thinking it was just a combination of wearing diapers non stop for the passed week (both day and night), and drinking just the right amount of "too much" while extremely exhausted.

    Part of me is also second guessing myself.. I think i remember getting up and wetting it, but that memory may be from the night before. I don't know. Either way, it was a great birthday present this morning (I probably put my birth date as something slightly different on here because I am always reluctant to put my real information on sites at first)

    What do you guys think?
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    First of all, congrats! Reaching any kind of goal, however bittersweet is always an accomplishment.

    Luckily, I think that you are safe from it happening again if you don't want it to happen again. You actually woke up out of the need and went back to sleep, so your body is still far from untrained about what to do with itself. I think it was just your decision to head back to sleep at that moment that pushed it over the edge, that and your body has been slowly getting used to the idea. The first time is always a bit hard, and it would become more natural to you if you wanted to continue doing so.. but I think you have nothing at all to worry about. Just have fun, enjoy yourself, and try to relax!

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    First of all Happy Birthday!!! And that has happened to me once too It was a feeling of total WOW!!! I did it! LOL and I agree with gigglemuffinz that u don't need to worry. I've been wearing 24/7 for 6 months and still wake at night needing to pee.

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    Hi Cloud it happend to me last night to, so congrats. I woke up this morning and checked my diaper and it was wet, only a little mind you, but wet just the same, and I don't remember wetting last night. I have been wearing to bed since I joined this site, except for 2 nites, one night I was wearing a cloth one with no plastic pants, and the other I went without a diaper.

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    Congrats I pee quite a bit during the night, sometimes rousing just long enough to feel myself let go, other times apparently without rousing. I kind of prefer knowing that it's coming. I usually drift off again before I finish.

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    I have a few times and used the same method. I wouldn't worry about it happening when you didn't want it to. Just use the toilet before you go to bed.

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    holy cow! cows are now holy! Moo is!

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    I've been trying to do this for years on and off and haven't succeeded, and even though you might think it's bittersweet, I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that we're envious of you! I've tried a lot of things and I wear quite a lot at times but I've still not been able to wet at night. Anyways.. good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    I have been wearing to bed since I joined this site
    Thats funny, because it has been the same for me! For some reason, ever since I have gotten comfortable at ADISC I have worn diapers to bed nearly every night and a few days a week I will wear throughout the day. I've also finally branched out and checked out some of these topshelf diapers.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback.. I've had dry nights and everything seems okay. Now without the bitter, it's just sweet. I can't wait to do it again now! *pssssssss*

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