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Thread: favorite disney movie

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    Default favorite disney movie

    Just lying in bed unable to sleep and started thinking about this. What is your favorite disney movie, mine is walie

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    I stand corrected, WALL•E

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    My favourite is Dumbo. I also particularly like Lady & The Tramp, The Aristocats, Bambi, The Rescuers, Monsters Inc and The Jungle Book.

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    Hmm, that's quite difficult to answer actually.

    When I was younger I absolutely loved The Little Mermaid ><

    But if I were to say now, I would probably have to say The Fox and the Hound. Other than those Lady and the Tramp (both 1 and 2), Monsters Inc, and Lilo and Stitch.

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    Tangled. It's sooo wonderful... I like Mandy Moore's songs in it and it's got such a sweet story.


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    I used to LOVE Mulan... Now I still love it, but I can't watch it being little cause I saw it so many times being big
    Being little i love the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, pocahontas

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    My favorite has been my favorite since I was little, The Great Mouse Detective. There is just nothing I don't like about it, it's always fun to watch. Sadly, otherwise Disney movies and me have been a hit and miss, mostly because as a child I was afraid of almost every single villain.

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    Song of the South. It's less saccharine than typical Disney offerings. And it's about the closest public view we get of Walt.

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    Mine are the Toy Story Movies, along with Finding Nemo LOL!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKing1391 View Post
    Mine are the Toy Story Movies, along with Finding Nemo LOL!!


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