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    Did you wear training pants as part of the potty training process?
    It is hard to remember exactly how long I was in training pants but it could have been up to 5 years old. There was a lot of the Gerber style pull up pants in our attic as everything was saved.
    The only color was white.
    What do you remember about potty training in diapers or training pants?

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    Oh yeah... I wore them for a while, too. I think it might have been until around 5, as well. ^^

    I don't remember the Gerber ones. Mine were thinner, which you think would encourage me to not have accidents. Well, I refused to give in that easy :P

    I do remember distinctly one time I thought I was still in a diaper can guess what happened from there. I definitely wasn't and the result was quite embarrassing as it was in a very public setting, a mall to be specific.

    So, I was a tough one to break, to say the least.

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    When I was a kid, I never wore training pants. I always was wearing the disposable tape diapers, but I don't remember to what age that I was eventually out of them. But I do have pictures of my early childhood that my parents showed me a few times before, and they sometimes embarrass me...

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    No training pants for me.

    My mom just had me run around naked in the backyard until I "got it". It was also in a rush for a preschool near her work that didn't allow diapers. When I switched to one closer to home, I was so jealous of the toddlers going around in diapers.

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    Eh, I potty trained fairly quickly as a kid. I was probably out of them around two and a half, so I don't remember much about the "training pants" phase. If I did have one, then it was very brief.

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    Well, I'm not sure if the plain white Goodnites count, but I remember those for sure. There's a picture of me with them on at 3 & 1/2 ish hanging around somewhere xD.
    I wish they were still around...

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    Nope. The switch was from diapers to underwear from me. I had accidents but when I did just changed underwear.

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    I wore training pants until I was three if I remember correctly. I actually still have them in a box somewhere along with some other random crap from my childhood that I only keep around because my mother would bawl her eyes out if I got rid it.

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