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Thread: Need ABDL diaper advice

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    Default Need ABDL diaper advice

    Okay, I'm thinking of buying some diapers form either AB Universe or Bambinos. What, in your opinion, is the best one. Why do like it so much, and what are the cons?

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    Are you going for performance or looks? I would go with the Bambinos because I've always heard good things about them and they are very absorbent/babyish.

    Read the diaper review articles section, hope this helps.

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    depends on your desires and interests. I don't wear either regularly because as 24/7 wearer, overly thick diapers just aren't always the best option. but I have used both brands on more than one occasion. cuteness factor, the ABU has it over bambino. if that matters, here the ABU is king. the 'all-over' print design is just wonderful, and is the only diaper to ever get anyone to actual say my diaper was 'cute' or 'adorable'. the standing leak guards of the ABU are also just wonderful. they are the best I have ever seen on any diaper and I really applaud them for this. there are more expensive IC oriented diapers that don't have better leak guards. the large single tapes are also wonderful and I really wish more manufacturers would adopt this. but beyond that there isn't a whole lot I can say, good about the ABU's. they aren't actually very thick, in fact they would be pretty dismal in my opinion next to a bambino. the absorbent material is thin, doesn't have the best coverage up front and the material seems rather stiff and even scratchy at times if you have sensitive skin. it doesn't seem they use very much of the gel material that 'puff's' or 'swell's' up when wet, so the diaper doesn't actually get much thicker in use. they also don't do a very good job with pulling the wetness away from the skin to keep you dry. when you wet, you feel wet. and they don't absorb as fast as others, such as the bambino. I never experienced any significant leaks, and in they end they hold more than you think, but truthfully the bambino, when it comes to being a serious, useable diaper, is head and shoulders above the ABU.
    the bambino aren't as cute, but they are still cute in their own way, but they could certainly follow ABU's direction in the department for improvement. the plastic is softer and quieter than the ABU and I consider that a plus, but you may not. the double side tapes stick very well and are on par with other top manufacturers. where the bambino really shines compared to the ABU is where it truly counts. at being a diaper! they are much thicker than the ABU, they hold more, they absorb faster, they keep you drier, they just generally perform much better all around. they also do a better job at controlling odor, but that may be pretty subjective. I find the bambinos to be more comfortable to wear in general, prefer them over the ABU in most ways if I were to be choosing between the two.

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    I dont wear 24/7. I was looking for something cuter that is also durable and comfortable.

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    not knowing what you were actually looking for, as 'what is better' is pretty vague, I had no way of knowing what prevalent information to share, you should be more specific in asking. based on nothing more than cuteness, as I already stated, the ABU wins here, hands down. they are both comfortable really so thats kind of a moot point. but if 'thickness' maters for comfort, then the bambino is better. they are both durable, as they are both generally well made, but I would likely say the bambino would hold up better over times of extended wear and use. hope that helps.
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    Bambino tends to be a better site, but you can get more interesting things at abuniverse. It depends on your interests. Bambino has very functional diapers of standard adult variety and those which have a slightly infantile look. They are thick, wide, plastic, and a very trusted store. Abuniverse however has much more infantile looking diapers and retro replicas. They are a bit pricier and their store has gotten a less than perfect reputation by doing multiple stupid things.

    Both are reasonable stores and supporting them is a good way to ensure the survival of AB specific products. If you want premium quality and only slightly infantile products then go for bambino, but if you are looking for very infantile products then you would be happier at abuniverse.

    I would recommend getting sample packs before doing anything else; the price per diaper is crazy but worth it if you are unsure of what you like. If you can afford it, I would get sample packs from both stores and then you can compare for yourself what you like more.

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    i would prefer bambimos, but i didn't try them myself(in fact no adult diaper yet), but they look beter.

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    If you're going to buy today, and want them soon, don't use abuniverse, because a note on their site says that they are snowed in and won't be shipping until the 20th. So if you're looking for speed that may be an issue. However, they also have a bad rep with people on this site, but the diapers themselves are cool. So are bambinos. Personally, if you've never tried any of them before, just pick the one you think is the cutest and try it =].

    If you're looking for babyish, Cushies are popular, and super dry kids has been mentioned a lot, those are both from ABU. Bellissimo (Bambinos new diaper) is really pretty sure as well, and it's supposed to hold a whole day's worth of wetting. Classico and Teddy are also babyish and from Bambino. I guess its just a matter of preference. Like it was said before, try them out, see what you like. =D Good luck!

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    I haven't bought from either. Maybe you could write a review of the one you decide to buy for us to read.

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