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Thread: My Paci hurts my teeth

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    Default My Paci hurts my teeth

    I haven't been sleeping with a Paci long, but when I wake up I feel some pain in my top two front teeth. I know I am probably biting down on it in my sleep, which I don't mean to do of course, but I'm not sure what to do about it. It's not an adult sized Paci, but it fits my mouth okay and comforts me.... And if my teeth hurt because I'm biting I don't see how switching to a bigger Paci would help. This prabably means that I was grinding my teeth before I started sleeping with a Paci... And I feel like I'm waking with fewer headaches. Again, it's just my two front teeth on the top that hurt and not badly at all.... But enough to make me wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem. Any help would be really appreciated.

    All the best,

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    sometime it happens to me too
    im wondering too

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    Yes that used to happen to me. I believe that is due to the fact that using the pacifier is shifting the teeth. I've been using a pacifier regularly for about eleven years now and it has created an anterior open bite. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it, the soreness will go away after a few days.

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    Not gonna lie... I had to google anterior open bite. I'm glad I'm not alone here but I'm not not worried about damaging my teeth. I have a cross bite (where my front top and bottom teeth don't meet if I shut my mouth) so any shifting *forward* of my top jaw wouldn't be a terrible thing... But I worry that kind of dental shift would bring back my headaches. Still, I'll keep looking around and give it some time to see if it gets better. Footie are you using a Paci pretty regularly or just when you sleep? It never hurts during the day or when I'm just sucking, only when I wake up in the morning or sometimes a liiiiiiitle bit after my nap.


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    The suction that you create when sucking on a pacifier pulls back and forth on your teeth. Sleeping all night with your pacifier in is kind of like taking your fingers and wiggling your front teeth for 7 hours. Unfortunately thats why parents try to take away the binky as soon as they can.. It screws up your teeth and can seriously rework any Orthodontistry you've had done.

    Just do everything in moderation and you'll be fine.

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    ick... When you put it that way I don't feel like I was worried for nothing... It makes me a little sad to think I might have to give it up though... I guess I'll start by asking if I can use it less during the day maybe, even if that's not where I seem to be doing the most harm... But the idea of sleeping without it... That's not going to go over well with me or with my parents.


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    I've noticed this too. I'm not sure why it happens, but my teeth with hurt if i keep my pacy in too long any time of day. It won't hurt until i take it out though. It's also hurt my jaw pretty bad before too. I'm super duper worried that it's going to mess up my teeth. I've have asked a few older, wiser friends and they all swear it won't, because of it's orthodontic design (is that the right word?)...Even still, as much as I love my pacy, I try really hard to only use it when I need it.

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    this only ever happend when using a baby paci, since i got my nuk5 it stopped. I think its got something to do with the size.

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    I've never had this problem really. I sleep with a NUK Size 3 Orthodontic. Make sure if you're going to be using when you sleep you get an orthodontic pacifier, it should say on the package. If possible I'd also suggest not biting down on it, though I know some people like that .

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    i think the natural way of sucking a paci involves what we now call "biting", i mean, its a concequence of it. so of thats true, that mayt explain it.

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