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Thread: Ok, so I've always wondered...

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    Default Ok, so I've always wondered...

    when we're talking about about how "big" we are gentlemen, are we talking hung size or "in use" size. This is something I've never really known and I've never asked believe it or not (Thank God for forums). Anyway, I really have no idea what to expect here, but hopefully we can settle this.

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    Always erect. I think because when you are flaccid (non boner) it can be hard to measure properly as it changes easily. I have had conversations with close friends about this and I am pretty sure it is while erect.

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    It's while erect for the reasons wazzle mentioned. It's also bigger then and what guy want's to go with a smaller measurement?

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    Aight. Fo sho, that's what I was hoping, lol

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    Medical measurements take all into account, flaccid and erect. However, since most guys are indeed bigger while erect they tend to use this measurement when telling people their size. Especially since the average flaccid size can be any wheres from 2 inches - 5 inches, but erect is generally 6 inches according to most studies. Some other studies put that size at 5 inches.

    But when measuring you always do it while erect and standing.

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    I've successfully reproduced, and nobody got hurt in the process, so I have to assume that its in the appropriate size range. Whatever that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I've successfully reproduced, and nobody got hurt in the process, so I have to assume that its in the appropriate size range. Whatever that is.
    this may be one the single greatest comments I've ever read on an internet forum.

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    Im pretty sure its the In use size otherwise how well your hung would depend on the weather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobie View Post
    Medical measurements...*and a big snip*
    As John McEnroe the great tennis player used to say,

    I am only condescending to answer this dumb question as it is an honest one. It’s imperative that you understand from the outset, that under no circumstances are clinical devices such as measuring tapes or rulers to be used in asserting (specifically your) facts.

    The golden rule: Size is directly proportional to the gullibility of your audience.
    And is expressed as: More gullible = Greater size.

    Remember the fisherman’s fable about the one that got away, with each retelling of the epic tale the fish gets sizably bigger and bigger. A classic example of this type tale at work is to be found here in this post, the story of my uncle mickey .

    There you have it; The sure-fire guide to boosting one’s own ego at the expense of your friends self esteem.
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    Hehe, the size thing again

    Really all you need is a toilet paper roll. Empty or otherwise doesnt matter.
    If you penis barely fits in the hole and/or pokes up through it, you are larger/longer than the medium.

    Now, donīt go thinking this is the absolute and only truth, I am just forwarding internet talk....

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