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    Thumbs up Wasup!!

    Hi everybody ! I'm Thomas and I like diapers too, mostly Goodnites , I really like making friends and chatting .
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    Hey Thomas,

    ADISC doesnt allow us to post our IM screennames on open forums like this (where non-ADISC users can see this information).

    please "edit" your post, and say something like, I like to chat on yahoo or skype etc.

    Eventually in prvate messaging you can give friends your screenname(s).

    Sorry to complain, but I just want you to be happy here and not to get a bad reputation...


    and Welcome to the Spanish Speakers Group here! Spanish Speakers Group -

    You might like this group also:
    Goodnites / Drynites -

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    Welcome to ADSIC Thomas! It's a pleasure to have you here, and to hopefully get to know you. Making the intro is the first step, and I know it can be pretty nerve-wracking... but you should know that there are plenty of people here who don't bite, and the people that do probably just playfully nibble.

    I see that you mentioned that you love friends and chatting.. well, that sounds just great to me. A friendly chat with a friendly friend is always a great way to spend the day. Though, I still have trouble just getting a vibe for who you are, what you really like and are interested in, and those sorts of things are going to be what make people remember you and want to chat with you and be your friend. So, what other things do you like to do with your time, your hobbies and interests and non TB/DL interests. Explaining what those are will really help you make a good start here on ADISC, and hopefully make you your first site friends!
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    Hey Thomas hows it going. i like to welcome you to ADISC alot of us here love goodnites persly there my favroute nappie and im sure loads people would agree as there so comfy i now a group what you might like on here whats got people who like goodnites...
    Goodnites / Drynites -

    why not try to open up do a bit more what are your hobbys. i understand it can be hard to talk about what u like as you sometimes fell like people dont want to now but i would love to now were all open to new stuff as we are human.

    well have a great time here if u need to talk or even want help fell free to talk to me ok buddy


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