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Thread: I've gone mad...

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    Default I've gone mad...

    I think my mind is starting to play tricks on me

    like i would post on the site and then bam........never find the post again even after searching for it under every concivable name

    or i hit the post button but my post dosn't appear

    whats happening!


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    Or better yet, just click on "posts" under you name and it'll pull up all your recent posts.

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    yha tried both those options no luck.....*click pg 256*

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    They might have been deleted.

    I floated the idea to the mods that there should be some kind of automated system to PM someone when their messages are deleted on the forum so that they know that they screwed up. It would work the same as the PMs for quotes, but would instead work when it gets deleted.

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    Default Never fear, God is here.

    Quote Originally Posted by winters View Post
    It is never just either or, at least not with me, I will always suffer you with a list and an incomplete one at that.

    You may have issues where a post may get lost in being uploaded to the forum, if this is the problem it should be easily seen straight away as when the page refreshes your post is not there.

    Posts can and sometimes are removed if they are seen as not directly related to the thread. Included but not confined only to the following; Spam, Argumentative, Insulting, Bad or dangerous advice, “French” words, or any thing else offending a moderators delicate sensibilities.

    Entire threads can suffer the same fate for much the same reasons. The world may not be flat but the forums defiantly are, threads can and frequently do sail up to and fall over the edge. In the event of threads disappearing good riddance, by and large they are no loss.

    PS: Here’s hoping this post does not get lost in the Bermuda Triangle either. *feckin forums*

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    Try looking here for threads and here for posts. You have no deleted threads. Deleted posts are more difficult for me to casually discern as they look the same as an undeleted post. Could just be that you really meant to do something and something else got in the way, so not quite going mad.

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