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Thread: Scuba Diving in Diapers

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    Default Scuba Diving in Diapers

    Would you select a company that requires diapers to scuba dive?
    How does the company clean all the pee out of the rented rubber suits?
    The suit is expensive to purchase so most people rent on vacation. My guess is most people just pee in the suits.
    Would you like the diaper cost included? This seems reasonable but is it a practice?

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    a diaper wouldnt work very good in a wet suit, as the water enters and is kept warm because its held so close to your body. So a diaper would just bulge up. A dry suit you could but they are expensive and only used in really cold temps or deep dives.

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    As a Divemaster I know that it is not unheard of to wear a diaper with a wetsuit, however a wetsuit is exactly that.. wet. It relies on the thickness of the Neoprean, together with a micro thin layer of water (when you jump in the water) between that surface and the skin - which then keeps warm - That is the reason it is called a wetsuit.

    If you were wearing a diaper in a wetsuit it would get soaked, and your bouyancy would be affected because of the weight. If however you were Faecally(sp) incontinent you would need to wear something appropriate (special swimmers)
    It is much easier just to pee (and very common practice) in the suit rather than wear a diaper if you really need to go.. if not when you have finished diving, just take your suit off and jump in and pee... its no big deal!

    If however you are wearing a Dry Suit - that would be a completly different arrangement, as you are kept Dry as the name implies.. and a diaper would be easy to use, as the suit is pumped with air and you use weights appropriately on the legs, arms and waist. They are big bulky and cumbersome

    Divesuites are cleaned in a special wetsuit wash (dont ask me what it is called. but they are dipped and then hung up

    If you must wear a diaper - you should tell your Divemaster - and probably your Buddy.

    Have fun.. but dont worry about peeing in the suit - you would not be normal if you didnt!

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    I own a wet suit and pee in it almost constantly when wearing, it comes out in the wash, then again, it doesn't get rented out either.. . I remember a stand up commedian commenting about going on a float trip where most everyone was drinking heavily wilst tubing.. his moment of embarrassment came when he realized EVERYONE else was peeing away in the water while tubing.. except he was in a boat.

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    Water enters a wet suit, but it's a MYTH that that "layer of water" next to you is what keeps you warm. It's the insulating cells in the foam of the suit itself. You're hotter in that thing if you're not wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsacurlyone View Post
    As a Divemaster
    That's so sick that you dive all of the time. Scuba diving is something that I really want to get into.. I went in the caribbean a few times and it was a life-changing experience. I fell in love right away.

    I'm an avid surfer and pee in my wet suit all of the time. I wouldn't wear a diaper under a wet suit, as it will blow up and then explode all over you inside. It will end up being a bigger clean up then just pooping right in, although i also do NOT recommend that either, especially if it's a rental suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsacurlyone View Post
    As a Divemaster

    Quote Originally Posted by itsacurlyone View Post
    If you were wearing a diaper in a wetsuit it would get soaked, and your bouyancy would be affected because of the weight.
    I'm assuming this obvious misrepresentation of density/bouyancy releationship is some sort of divemaster in-joke to mess the newbies? A water-filled diaper underwater wouldn't change your buoyancy anymore than a water balloon filled with water underwater would (e.g. not at all).

    @the OP:
    People pee in wetsuits all the time. Since wetsuits let water in and out, the pee tends to get flushed out rather quickly. On top of that, a wetsuit is generally rinsed out after use, especially when ocean diving. Most rental outlets will have an area where they make you clean the gear you rented after you return it anyway.

    As far as drysuits are concerned, it's not unheard of for commercial divers to wear a diaper or condom catheter on a long drysuit dive, but long dives like that are extremely technical and you wouldn't see casual vacation divers attempting them. Drysuits aren't cheap (compared to wetsuits) and technically require some extra training past a basic open water cert. They also add bulk and complexity to the dive (you need to monitor both your drysuit and BC inflation), so people going to the warm water dive vacation spots would probably be picking wetsuits over drysuits.

    Either way, I highly doubt you'd find a dive rental shop that would require diapers. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.

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    I have been scuba diving a few times with a few of my other disabled friends, cannot recall diapers ever being brought up during the classes. Some had SCI's and various disabilities. I asked the instructor about UI and the only issue would be for Fecal Incontinence for containment. I am no dive instructor and have only done it a few times in a pool in Colorado, but I can only assume wearing a diaper in the water would be very bad.

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    First thing you do when diving in cold water is fill your suit with a layer of warm water. Triathletes and other open water swimmers will tell you the same thing.

    Anybody who dives regularly knows that. Standard procedure after a dive, or when you get home after a day trip, is to turn the suit inside out and give it a good hosing.

    A diaper would be redundant unless you have bowel issues. I don't even want to think about that.

    P.S. Yes, there are a couple of wetsuits hanging in my laundry room 20 feet away.

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    I worked at dive shop over in California, and let me tell you peeing in wet suits definitely happens. I know because I would clean the rentals on Monday, and it was a less than pleasant job. Warm soapy water did the trick. Generally in warmer areas, it doesn't happen as much. The joke was that people from Northern California always pee in their wet suit, while those from Socal don't (water temperature is about 10-15 degrees warmer down south. A diaper underneath a wet suit would do nothing unless it was a swim diaper.

    Dry suits are another story, and peeing in a dry suit would not be a good idea. That being said, the choices are: hold it until the dive is over, or use a diaper. On general dives most dry suit divers don't use diapers, it is the equivalent of a long car trip. However cave divers routinely use diapers for their dives, and I'm sure that underwater welders will use some protection for their dives.

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