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Thread: good diaper hideing place

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    Default good diaper hideing place

    I have been struggling for a good hideing place in my room as I have two annoying older brothers who find it fun to mess with my stuff so I have been takeing the classic way of hideing them under my mattress however its nerve racking knowing they might be found at anytime. But luckily for me it came to my attention that in the corner of my room I have some loose carpet. And joys for me there are floor bored underneath im working on loosening 3 floorboards and then bam I got me an amazing hideing place as soon as I loosen them. Anyway thought I would share the idea if anyone else is having the same problem. Sorry if itís been posted before.

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    good for you

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    Back when I lived at home, I would keep my stash in an old unused backpack and hide that at the bottom of my junk bin that I had in my closet. As far as I know, nobody every found it. If you want to be even safer, you might try getting one of those small travel locks and lock the zippers together. Good luck

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    Even though there are threads about this already, let me learn you real quick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tafshin View Post
    If your parents don't pick out your clothes for you to wear, than this idea should have some benefit:

    Take a regular clothes hanger, and pull apart a single diaper, and drape it on the bottom part of the hanger, like you would a pair of pants.. Make sure it's pretty flattened after you do this, and then put a shirt or pair of pants on the hanger like you normally would, and then put in your closet. This is just something I thought up just now... idly xD. Also, it would work ALOT more effectively if you keep your seasonal clothes hung in your closet year round, like long-sleeve shirts in the summer, tank tops in the winter, ect. That way NO ONE has any reason to mess with those things, since you wont be wearing them and they'll presumably be in the back rack of your closet.
    depending on the size of your hanger, you could also try draping two diapers side by side on one hanger, to conserve space.

    I hope this helps xD

    (can also work with folding up diapers inside folded sweatpants, or other bulky pantlike items you rarely use all year round, and keeping them inside a dresser.)
    There you have it, do with it what you will =P

    EDIT:: Also, here is the link to the other thread

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    I don't really have a hiding place, I just put them in my drawer, and I have my paci's, and sippy cup strewn throughout my room...You could easily find them...As for stuffed animals, they aren't a secret that I like them, so I hide them even less than my TB stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoBaby View Post
    good for you

    How about a little more constructive post next time >.>

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    That hanger trick sounds pretty good, though never would have worked for me. I would have been discovered pretty quickly the first time my mom did her spontaneous "clean out old clothes and send them to good-will" cleaning bursts

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    Years ago,when I lived at my parents home,I stashed my sissy/baby things in a speaker cabinet.It was made of plywood,it stood about 4 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide,plenty of room for the meager collection of things I had then.It probably weighed about 20 lbs.The best thing was,that it could only be opened by removing 10 large wood-screws that held the back pannel on.After having had some of my frillies and diapers found,on several different occasions,I finally came up with the idea of using the cabinet as my stash-vault.

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    I don't have a closet. what I use is an old popcorn tin that I used to keep my Halloween candy in. It still has some old candy in it. I've always kept the tin under my bed.

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    Man... I'm just glad I don't have any siblings... finding a place to hide things was bad enough without having to worry about other kids rummaging around.

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    lock or padloacks will arrouse suspicion

    EDIT: i also share a room with my little brother OMFG no privacy

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