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    Hey guys I have a question for everyone...

    I think I got hemroids from trying to mess that possible?

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    I assume by 'mess' you mean in a diaper? no, I don't think thats likely. maybe not impossible but extremely unlikely. if you have developed them, there are a lot of possible causes but that isn't one of them. if you think you have, my advice is to go see a doctor before it gets any worse, but I wouldn't fear that wearing or using a diaper has caused them. not sure how they may affect them if indeed you have developed them, so if you really want to know it may be prudent to be straight with your doctor that you have been wearing and using diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baseballbrett06 View Post
    Hey guys I have a question for everyone...

    I think I got hemorrhoids from trying to mess that possible?
    Look up anal fissures.

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