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Thread: Hi there, Nice ta meet ya. ^_^

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    Default Hi there, Nice ta meet ya. ^_^

    I am new here. I'm a shy person when you first meet me , but after that I tend to be really outgoing .

    I don't have a job, and I'm not in school (I wish I did have a job though).

    I'm here because, like everyone here, I like diapers . But I'm also here because I want to get to know other people who like them.

    I like to play video games. It depends on the game though. My favorite game is Soul Calibur 4 (I'm a button masher ). I love to read. I am a major otaku .

    I am here for support, but I love to talk about other things as well .

    That's about it I think. ^-^ nice to meet ya.

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    Nice to meet you too welcome to ADISC!

    Great intro! I get told i'm a button masher... but that's because i'm not that into gaming, so when I do play I literally mash up any button that does something that I can potentially win with

    Anyway, you'll certainly find the support you need here. We are a rather supportive crowd afterall
    I hope your shy personality doesn't hold you back from posting; you're opinion or questions are always valued, that's how we learn from each other. So yeah, enjoy the banter, i'll maybe see you around...


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    Hey there, welcome to the site neighbor (We are still the 2nd best of the Four Corner states though, Colorado is first =P). Button mashing is about my only way to play fighting games, just god awful at them xD, Boxing games get a bit button mashy as well for me (err...when they had buttons). Do you like mostly fighting games then? Or are there other genres you like as well?

    Also, what is wrong with sparkly vampires and animals and whatever love stuff is in Twilight? =P

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC! Wow, the first thing I have to say is.. I just got Soul Calibur IV! I've been having a lot of fun now that Amy is a full on character, and enjoying my second game in coming into the new generation extremely late. I'm not really a button masher, but I'm far from a master. (I just barely got a PS3 for the first time.)

    Anyway, your intro was lovely and it's great to have you around. I think that me and you could get along, along with plenty of other people around here, because not only am also an fan of anime (definitely don't consider myself an otaku these days, but I love a ton of series still), but I recongize and love your avatar.. though, I'm a huge Kirlia fan and have trouble letting them get to that stage.. Kirlia is probably my all time favorite. What about Gardevoir makes it your avatar and maybe your favorite Pokemon?

    Anyway, sorry to blab about myself, I just wanted you to feel comfortable.. because I think that me and you could be pretty good friends. Already seem to have a ton in common. Even if for some icky reason we don't though, I have a feeling that you'll find tons of great people here for not only support, but for fun! I mean, you came here.. after all! ^_^

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