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    Here's my problem. Every relationship I have I'm not willing to be sexual, active with the girl I mean is it possible to have a relationship without dealing with sex. I mean, it's not because I don't like her but it's just I'm not interested in it. I think it's gross. I can not watch anything sexual on TV, dealing with it. It's just not my thing. I think this one of my turnoffs in a relationship and maybe it's because I got the mentality of a 12-year-old. According to my mom caused epilepsy where my doctor says my brains like Swiss cheese mentally so I mean maybe that's the problem but I mean is there a way you can get what a girl this not looking for that mean I really want to be with somebody in life and not be loan or should I just had sex even know. I don't feel like I want to just to be with somebody in my life. To me it's a major turn all I use get made fun in school because you know I never had sex with a girl in high school people would say I'm gay or something like that but I'm not. I just don't want anything you deal with it some he does this make me bad when it comes to relationships. Should I try to change even know it's going to be very tough with my mental capacity.

    I mean, I hope somebody can help me deal with this on here. You know give me some advice on the issue. I mean I really want to be with somebody but I don't want not in sexual which I think is turnoffs to most girls so I mean should I just take the leap even know. I don't want to
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    There are dating websites for asexuals. Because the majority of individuals on these sites are woman looking for men who would not be looking to have sex in the relationship, I say your odds might not be as bad as you think.

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    There are such things called marriages of convenience, where two people get married, enjoy each others company and love each other, but aren't interested in sex. It's not unusual at all. People are complex and shouldn't be strictly labeled. Everyone is different and has different needs. You need to find your match. Hopefully it will be your soul mate and best friend.

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    I found dating website online were there people that want same thing as me and there few girl in my area I'm going try contact on the site see how it goes for me . Thank everyone this is great community it like secound family it sound strange but easier talk to you all then real one.

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