First I must say, haven't been here in a while, good to be back.

Second I came across a few things I know I would enjoy(/have), and people here would enjoy.

The first thing is by vat19 (which if you don't know them watch some of their videos, they make hilarious advertisements), its a kids cutlery in shapes of bulldozers and machines alike (they even have a train one too)
Constructive Eating Utensil Set - YouTube

here's the train one (which I want sooo bad)
Chew-Chew Train Dinner Set - YouTube

The other thing I wanted to mention is called pillow pets.
I actually got one of these for Christmas and I must say, they are very comfortable, very nice when reading sleeping for just sitting around, and they are very cute (Mine is a bee!)

So there you have it, if I come across anything else I think would be appropriate here, I let you know.