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Thread: Help to keep our liberties intact! Sign this petition please!

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    Exclamation Help to keep our liberties intact! Sign this petition please!

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    Not to be a Debby Downer but the oligarchy that runs this country will get what it wants one way or another. The idea that "the people" can come together and stop a thing from happening is not a relativistic outlook to have look at what happened to OWS.

    It is ludicrous that this bit of legislation was even proposed but it is simply the people behind the scenes dipping a toe in the water to find out what public reaction will be. All they really do is tweak the desired result a little if they can't get this bill passed with some lip service paid to "online piracy" they will try again in a year and I don't how they will do it but you can bet the phrase "protecting the children" will be used alot.

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