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Thread: Does anyone can help me building a Belingual Board about Littlefurs/BabyFurs and CO.

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    Default Does anyone can help me building a Belingual Board about Littlefurs/BabyFurs and CO.

    becouse i have tooo much space i started building a new forum, which should contain topics about furrys, but building a whole forum alone is wery much work,
    does anyone want to help me

    (i use smf )

    But please not such answears like, year i can help you, but i don't no anything about html/php or such, a little bit must be in your,head too ^^

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    With any forum its down to the members to make the content. As a forum admin myself i find that setting up the forum, adding applications to it and general handling and moderation of a small site is fairly easy, seeming as not much work is needed until it starts to get bigger. I would suggest using a better version of forum software, (i.p.board or vBulletin) as i've found they are much easier to handle and set up as compared to the smf software (altho i think its the best free one around) . I can help with setting up i guess. Pm me

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    sorry but i got right now an very interesting offer of a big german forum, which make me to shut down the project right in the beginning

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