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Thread: National Geographic's Taboo-Furries

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    Default National Geographic's Taboo-Furries

    So yeah, tonight's episode of Taboo on National Geographic Channel is on secret lives. The first segment was on a woman that acts like and wants to become a paraplegic. The second was a millionaire CEO that acts as a hobo and rides the rails.

    The third was on furries. They showed several people, the main one being a grad student in Waterloo, Ontario (I forgot the fursona name). From my vantage point as fur-friendly, it seemed pretty fair, not too crazy. Their psychologist-type just kinda said that leading a double-life is taboo and whatnot, but their profile on what furries are all about seemed pretty fair overall.

    Did anyone catch it? Any commentary?

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    Two Weeks Late and a Dollar short :P

    It seemed like a pretty 'tame' description of furries. But it was interesting to watch none-the-less.

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    God damn it, I looked on their website to make sure it was the current episode, too.

    Oh well. Mods may pull/lock this at their leisure.

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