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    Lately I've noticed that the tape on disposables i've been wearing are really not very comfortable. Goodnites are better but they aren't tape on and they are too tight. what brands are more comfortable: Bambinos? ABU? Tena? Tranquility? Any suggestions on a tape on diaper that is comfortable would be welcome.

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    If you can afford them I really like Bambinos.

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    For me, I find Depends tape on diapers comfortable. I don't even know I'm wearing one. I guess that is one of the benefits of the Depends being thin.

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    My favorites are Bambinos or Abena x-plus.

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    The most comfortable and fun diaper ive ever had are Attends with waistband. The plastic is smooth and crinkly, there are waistbands for a snug fit and the tapes are not invasive. I would highly recommend those!

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    Tena Slip Maxi (at least in Europe, don't know if they are different in US). Both for comfort and smell, plus they stay in shape.

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    from my own experience I would say the tapes on the Dry 24/7 are the most comfortable, but then the whole diaper is incredibly comfortable. it comes at a high price though. behind that I really love the single tapes per side that ABU uses, its just too bad their diapers aren't very good beyond being just appealing to people looking for baby styled diapers. I wish more manufacturers would adopt the larger single tapes. have you given thought to the placement of the tapes when putting on the diaper? adjusting the placement could have a big impact on the fit and feel of the diaper and how it wears during use. it could also, quite simply alleviate any comfort issues caused by the tapes. I find that I have to place them differently with different diaper brands for the best fit and comfort and it was something I had to become aware of as I realized (out of my own uncomfort) that I had always put diapers on the same way and that just didn't work with all brands.

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    Attends waistband is the most comfortable plastic diaper I have ever tried (very soft plastic). But overall the most comfortable diaper I have ever tried is Abena Air-plus M2. The M4 is nice, but it seems a but too thick to qualify as comfortable, especially when wet.

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