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Thread: Should you mention IC on job applications?

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    Default Should you mention IC on job applications?

    On some job applications, they ask about disability's. Would you put IC in there?

    Do they need to know?

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    It largely depends on the job and whether or not dealing with it would affect your ability to do your job compared to a non-IC employee. If yes, then you should mention it, otherwise, it's largely a matter of personal preference.

    Personally, I would, but IC is bad enough these days that there are very few jobs that my ability to perform them wouldn't be affected by it.

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    I don't know about the UK, but here in the states it's illegal to ask a potential employee health related questions during the interview or application process. In other words, employers cannot discriminate on the basis of a health problem or disability. I've been urge incontinent my entire life and it has not been something I needed to bring to my employers attention. I also don't regard it as a disability as much as a chronic health condition that I can manage without outside intervention.

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    Yes, in the U. S. we have Hipaa forms that allow medical information to be released. If you don't have that security in the U.K., I would have to agree with others and say only release the information if it will affect your performance on the job. Things to consider are how many times you must change during the day, and places which will accommodate changing. If you are in an office, it shouldn't be a problem, but if you were outside on a construction site, it probably would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlvinS3ville View Post
    On some job applications, they ask about disability's. Would you put IC in there?

    Do they need to know?
    If memory serves me correctly of the English system, people with disabilities usually are “green card” holders. You could know that some large companies do eagerly comply with a government recommended quota system. Unfortunately this is a double-sided blade as, some companies dislike the extra legal protection these “green cards” can offer.

    My opinion is that unless you answer “yes” to either the following two questions you are not required to disclose;
    • Would your IC problem need any extra allowances or facilities to be provided by the company?
    • Would your IC impede your ability to do the job as described in contract or any variations of the job (flexibility) you may be expected to fulfil?

    Be aware as part of your application you could be asked to sign a consent form for their company doctor to request records from your own doctor (with which he would be required to comply - because of your signature). Remember, non-disclosure and lying are two different things, lying on an application is instant dismissal upon discovery.

    There are some jobs where it is a legal requirement to disclose, in these cases it will be usual to see that legal directive in written format with a medical declaration form.

    In England you have Citizens Advice, these may be a good source of information. A word of caution from the experienced; the Little Britain - “the computer says no”, was based on the “blond bombshell” in the Citizens Advice office in Hendon, London (1993).

    If at all possible cross reference to be sure, in my time some of the sharpest people with factual information were the librarians at the local library, while they themselves may not know they were good at pointing to those who would.

    So from me to you: My computer says “no” and I’m glad to have been no help whatsoever.

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    Unless your incontinence would affect your ability to do the job, I don't think it's necessary to disclose it to a prospective employer. If fact, under most circumstances, I don't think that it is ever any of your employer's business, no matter how long you work there.

    Here's an ironic story. About 15 years ago, the place where I worked was under pressure from the government because we didn't have "enough" disabled people in responsible positions in the organization. There wasn't exactly a quota, but still it didn't look good for us because we didn't seem to have even one disabled person in an executive position. I discussed my incontinence with my boss and suggested that we list it and state that I was a disabled person so that we could then meet the unofficial quota. My boss' reaction was to laugh and say that my incontinence wasn't an obvious enough problem for the powers that be. Maybe if my diaper had leaked more often…

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    Pros of mentioning it:
    - You may be given extra break time for changes.
    - You may be chosen over other applicants if your IC can be officially classed as a disability and your country requires companies to have a certain percentage of officially disabled people among their employees as it's the case here.

    - Embarrassment (they'll probably ask you about it on the job interview)
    - They may implicitly not choose you because of your disability to avoid any problems coming from your IC (they may fear leaks in front of customers etc.)
    - Rejection and ridicule by colleagues; if it's on the records, the information may more easily leak to colleagues (pardon the pun)

    Remember: Disclosing that information is voluntary if it does not directly affect your job (e.g. you're applying for a life guard at a pool and thus can't wear diapers to work).


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    No need to tell anyone what kind of underwear you wear. It will not help you get an interview. It is possible that it would screen you out depending on the number and qualifications of other applicants. They do not have to tell you why you were not selected. Wearing diapers could be a factor and you will never know.
    I say do not tell.
    If you get the job the ADA will protect you with rights and you will have time if needed to change your diaper.

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    didn't with current job, but, I didn't become incontinent till about 2 years after starting..
    I probably will on the next job tho

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    I be notified my past 4 jobs after starting of my incontinence and diapering needs after I start working. My last job went as far as giving me a diaper pail in the bathroom for changing. But I always make sure to tell them after I get hired so did not cause any conflict of interest 4 toileting needs

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