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Thread: Hello World!

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    Default Hello World!

    I have been spending a good amount of time digging through ADISC recently and have decided to join in on the discussion!
    -Any other Pink Floyd fans out there?

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    I like Pink Floyd. Not a hardcore fan as it were but The Wall is always welcome in any playlist.

    Welcome to the boards.

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    Hello there and welcome - massive Pink Floyd fan right here, I've even set up a group here for Floyd fans. Hope you have a good time here

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    im a fan of pink floyd too, tell us more about you. what other kinds iof music do you like? Do you know about computers ( the tittle of this topic is realted with programming :P )

    You can use the cheat sheet :P

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    Can't beat a little bit of Floyd!
    Better yet you're a Floyd-loving Aussie. That's just beautiful, mate.

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC, great to have you join us
    Other than Pink Floyd, what other musical interests.. or interests in general do you have? e.g. do you game much? into any sports? movies?
    Could also maybe tell us a bit about what brought you to ADISC in the first place..?

    I hope you don't think i'm being nosey, it just helps us all put the bigger picture of your personality to your name
    Either way, enjoy posting with us!


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