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Thread: Ab/tb/dl flag/symbol!

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    Lightbulb Ab/tb/dl flag/symbol!

    I found an old thread about a flag for us. Do we have an official one? The other flages seemed a little like gay pride flags to some people; not that there is anything wrong with that, however most of us are heterosexual. Also I was thinking we need a symbol to show that we are AB/DLs and are damn proud of it, yet be able to be discreet and go, "uh, it is nothing..." to certain people. I was thinking a diaper pin with an earth pattern on it. Like a swirl of blue and green on the plastic end of the baby pin. That way we can go "Oh, he/she is an AB/DL also", but non-AB/DLs are clueless about the symbol means.

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    Everyone says those flags are lame! I want everyone to use a standard flag we can all recognize! Symbols were also not mentioned in that thread. I do not actually no whether we actually picked an official flag or not we just argued.

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    I think that's what he was referring to...As far as I know, we don't have a special symbol, except for maybe like a safety pin or something

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    I still do not think we have actually picked one though. Our flag should come up on wiki for infantillism.

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    Is a flag really all that necessary? I mean, I would probably despise if it lead to having *B/DL advocates waving it saying we need acceptance.

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    Ish a good idea for some people. But then again there's also the fact that we'd have to get it to other people for them to know about it/show it. Blah blah blah. in the end it's a good idea but there's no way to carry it out.

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    There is very much a way to carry it out, but It would be a lot of work. It would require someone going to every site and saying "This is now our symbol, wear it so we know how to identify each other"
    It would also need to be a lot less... obvious... but still obvious within reason. This is more a lifestyle then a fetish.
    I have strongly thought about a flag/symbol for the community. One that reflects our attitudes and virtues more then the fetish itself.
    You know the whole, Humility, and Kinship thing?

    (edited for the posting of too earlyness)

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    ive kinda made up a symbol (edit: the triagle like part) its inside this flag i kinda had it in a dream, so here is good use for it

    keep in mind its just a sketch and no where near a real symbol lol

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