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    So, I've been back at college for about two days now, and earlier today I ran a simple google image search for "onesies" shortly after my roommate left for class. However, while I still had the page up, he briefly came back into the room and then left. I have no idea if he saw anything or why he even came back, but it's feeding my paranoia, especially since yesterday I was clearing my internet history which included a few ADISC links while he was within eyeshot of my computer.

    I'm aware that these feelings can largely be attributed to the sense of "irrational paranoia" that every single one of us has gone through, and that future incidents can be avoided by using a tad more discretion, but anxiety pays little heed to logic. I'm really not even asking a question here, these are just some issues I've been having the past couple days and this is the only place I can really talk about it, for obvious reasons.

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    I wouldn’t worry, footed PJ’s are cool at the mo’ so why not a onesie?. There just baby clothes that can be for adults and they can just be for fun.

    If he did see anything, then it’s not really a big deal. My friend over the road has footed PJs and no ones like ‘is she got a weird baby fetish’ etc.

    Tbh you could search for onesies in front of him and it probably wouldn’t be a big deal, if you just said something like “there for fun” or something if he asked. It’s not a lie but it covers all the details he needs to know.

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    I agree with Alvin but also is this a shared computer or your own personal computer? Im assuming its your own.

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    Worst case scenario if he is suspicious and asks you just be like i was looking up costume ideas for next Halloween or something

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    Paranoia is just that... paranoia.

    Look at it this way. If you had walked into the room and just happened to glance at your roommate's monitor and saw a few images of dresses, would your first thought be "wow, my roommate is a crossdresser!"?

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    you will do more harm to yourself inside your own mind than your worst enemy could ever do to you.

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    Think of every time you have walked by somebody at the computer. How many times were you able to glance at the screen and see some bit of text that made suspicious that they are hiding something. I guess I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever been able to do that. It's more about your body language. Act normal, and nothing will be out of order. If need be, always keep a tab or window open in the background that you can pull up at a moment's notice.

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    Thanks everyone- and yeah, it's a personal computer. Like I said, it's more of an anxious reaction than a logical assessment of the situation, but anxiety is a powerful force. Also some general frustration with the fact that I had a month to pursue my AB/DL interests in reasonable secrecy, but since I'm settling back into the college life I have to readjust to sharing a small space with another person and the need for discretion that brings. Thanks again.

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    Simply put. If you are really paranoid. Why not just simply have a lock screen after 10 mins of inactive use. And upon start up you need to sign in as most computers nowadays have that feature. Unless you are still stuck running something super dated. Because that is what I did when I had my roommate and felt that I needed to keep a few things secret from him.

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    A little suggestion to ease the paranoia: install a second browser on your computer, and use it for your AB/DL related surfing. That way, if someone does use your computer (when you aren't around, or "hey let me use your computer to show you this cool youtube clip"), you won't have to worry about what tracks you leave on your browser. The key is hiding that personal browser away from easy access- for example, don't put it in your start menu or dock.

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