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Thread: Playtex Drop-In Bottles

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    Default Playtex Drop-In Bottles

    I just wanted to share my latest AB find.

    I was at the store the other day in the baby aisle for my usual supplies (formula, lotion and powder). I glanced over and noticed bottles have sure changed a lot since I bought my last batch (5 years ago). I thought I would give the Playtex Drop-In bottles a try. All I can say is WOW! I wish I had bought this style years ago.

    Here is how they work: You have a collapsible drop in disposable liner, an outer bottle shell and the nipple. As you suckle away the disposable liner shrinks, this prevents one of the largest baby bottle problems, AIR! When you are nursing on a bottle you start to suck air which makes the feeding very uncomfortable. With this new bottles this problem is avoided.

    I did upgrade to the fast-flow latex nipple (a slow-flow was included). For the first time I was able to leave the nipple alone (usually I have to cut it a little to make the opening larger). Between the laytex nipple that fit nicely in my mouth and the new liner it was much easier and a far more enjoyable bottle experience.

    I highly recommend you give them a try.

    Playtex® Drop-Ins

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    Pretty sure this style has been around for years (I remember reading an interview with the guy that invented them as a child in a kid's science magazine around a decade ago). I'll have to look into getting one of those, though: the air is indeed an annoying aspect of bottles.

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    I love the playtex drop in style bottles. I have hundreds of vintage ones from the early 90s that I find at the goodwill bins.

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    I actually remember my little bro using these 16 years ago. So they are defiantly a product of the 90s. Just a new addition to me AB collection.

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    I actually think these are my bottles of choice as a mommy! I remember them when I was little and how they were back then and how they have improved now....still awesome as ever.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I do use the playtex nursers, but not the drop-ins, just the ones with the bags. It only takes a sec to fit the bag in, and it is so enjoyable. You don't even have to have the bottle tipped up to suck the milk out of it.... absolutely my fave !

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    I remember my younger brother using those when he was a baby. I always thought that they were weird because they they had the fluid in a bag. (It was quite fun to play with when I was was a tyke)

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    I have yet to use one of these bottles as an AB however when i was younger, i remember both my younger siblings using these bottles. Since i have gotten into the whole ab scene, I've wanted one SO badly, but every time i go shopping they are no where to be found. I really would love to have one, as well as the nipples are completely different and way cool.

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    I love these bottles, the best hands down. The way they feel in your mouth feels like you are actually getting it right from the source. At least for me it feels so natural and I dont have to suck that hard even if I dont adjust the nipple hole.

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    They are great and I highly recommend them myself. Sure it is a little improvement over a old design for the bag insert bottles. Since you don't have to fight with the insert at all. Simply grab one drop in and fill with whatever. Opposed to the older designs where you had to tear a new bag off the roll and then expand it and make sure it sits properly in the bottle or else you gonna have a big mess. I am not big into AB yet and I can easily say any AB should have this bottle <3

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