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Thread: Review after my first full week

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    Wink Review after my first full week

    Hi Everyone,

    Well it has been quite an emotional 7 days for me, after coming out to my partner 14 days ago.

    I started to wear nappies at home and in bed about 10 days ago, but have been introducing them slowly into the daily routine of me and my long term girlfriend. I am now wearing 24/7 (But only for wetting), including at work, in a busy office wearing just trousers (No one has noticed).

    My girlfriend even commented last night as to how she cant believe, that life hasnt changed at all and even forgets that i wear them.

    I started with a Sample box from Incontinence Choice (Cheaper than Dorset), and also bought some lidl Nappies. The lidl nappies just dont hold enough and arent that comfortable, so i have sold them to a local DL. And to be honest with you, after trying Molicare, Abena, Lille, Tena & Attends, my all time personal favourite and most comfortable/absorbent Nappy is "Tena Maxi" which may come as a suprise to you all?! I found the abena's too bulky for work and also too uncomfortable, they made me sweat quite heavily (Partner also prefers me snuggling in behind her with a Tena - She has been rating them out of 10).

    I have just made an order for 6 cases of 3 packs of Tena Maxi (Should be enough for a while - LOL), 2 x pairs of plasticpants and 4 All in once vests. Hopefully this should be with me by the time i arrive back in the South West (Will post some pictures very soon)

    It is funny how quickly I have become reliant on my nappy, and sitting here typing this in Birmingham (Not wearing one - Important meeting with head honchos), I feel naked, vulnerable and very uncomfortable.

    I shall of course keep you updated with future progress, but will stress to anyone thinking of telling their partner, that so long as they love you and you are honest with them, it shouldnt make a jot of difference to how you lead your life.

    If anyone would like to talk or want any advice, please send me a direct personal message.

    M x

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    This would have been better as a blog, threads are more for question type posts. But anyway glad to hear it's going ok

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    Congratulations! I hope you continue to find comfort in your nappy. Keep us updated on your future progress.

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    I found that very informative, thank you for sharing!
    I can totally understand the feeling naked part, once your used to something like that it can be hard to go without for long.
    Anyway, good on ya for an awesome week!

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