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Thread: Second Class Citizens (gay rights)

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    Default Second Class Citizens (gay rights)

    This is somewhat a quick trailer/snippet thing the producer and director put together.

    This is a being worked on documentary about the gay rights movement, and how things are changing in the world.

    So, what do you think? Do you think the gay rights movement has gone as far as it needs to? Do you think there is still a great injustice in this world? Are you interested to see this documentary?

    I know a lot has been done on ADISC about same sex marriage, and other LGBT-related items, I think this is a bit of a change up =)


    As for me, I think that gay rights sill has a long way to go, and a very troublesome and hard road ahead. I'm excited to see this film coming, and hopefully it's really well done.

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    Worldwide its pretty bad. In many places homosexuality is illegal, in many cases it even warrants the death penalty. There are also many countries where extrajudicial anti gay killings are common, such as Jamaica. Its impossible to say that the gay right movement has gone far enough as long as homosexuality is illegal anywhere in the world, so it still has a very, very, very long way to go.

    Domestically (as in, in Canada) I think that everything that could be accomplished by legal means has been accomplished. Every major political party supports anti-discrimination protections on the grounds of sexual orientation and same sex marriage. Gay rights are no longer a political issue in Canada, so the gay rights movements really does not need to concern itself with politics anymore. It also seems that most Canadians now at least tolerate gay people, so while there is still some work to be done on the PR front its still going fairly well, and I don't feel like most people see gays as second class citizens here.

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    (I hate it when people say that is how I was raised!)
    I believe it's not just about gay rights it's the whole martin luther king jr thing, equality for all people!
    I think the world still has a ways to go to meet this, but people are getting better over the years, more understanding, more open minded. I think the gay rights movement needs to stay around for a while to help remind us all of that.
    Looks like a good movie, I would watch it.

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    A bit off topic, by showing lady gag are they confirming that she is gay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuples View Post
    A bit off topic, by showing lady gag are they confirming that she is gay?
    Lady GaGa is bisexual, as well she is an advocate for gay rights and helps support the community greatly.

    Gay rights in Canada are great, very little work can be done towards that; however transgender rights (which are a bit more complicated) are still not perfect here. Our neighbors however (USA) has been moving fast towards gay rights, but there are still many states with absolutely no hate-crime protection, and no gay marriage, or even recognition of such marriages. It's good that this is being fixed in many states right now!

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    It is encouraging to see how quickly the push for gay rights has spread throughout the United States, especially as more and more states are allowing for civil unions or marriages (Colorado seems to be next!). However, as Lobie mentioned, there are many states that have no protections at all for GLBT individuals. I would NEVER go to the south and flaunt my sexuality... That would be like asking them to gather the lynch mob and come murder me. Because of this, the gay rights movement has a long ways to go before there are national protections and before gay marriages become nationally legal.

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