Every so often, you have to sit back and take stock of where you've come from, and where you're going.
In the spirit of the New Year, I present to you: our goals for 2011, our accomplishments for 2011, and finally, our goals for 2012.

ADISC's Goals for 2011

  1. Free up enough of my time, that I can start planning for the future:
    1. If a task can be automated, automate it.
    2. If it can't, but it can be delegated, delegate it - adding new staff as needed.
    3. This frees up my time to work on real improvements, rather than getting stuck dealing with administrative chores like bounced emails.

  2. Improve quality of contributions / content on the site:
    1. Articles
    2. Story forums
    3. RP forums
    4. Forums in general - more moderation staff needed.

  3. Improve the social fabric of the site.
    1. Encourage the creation of social groups & other mechanisms to help bind the community together and encourage people to develop genuine friendships.
    2. Encourage relationships on an individual level, and discourage blanket trust being applied to groups (e.g: remove the DC gallery)

  4. Address several major problem areas:
    1. Wiki: get rid of it - for it was infrequently used, had poor quality content, and was poorly integrated with the rest of the site.
    2. IRC: move it - for the old IRC suffered from continual issues with identification ("who is that person?") and subsequently, bad behavior by a few individuals.
    3. Site Changes: start tracking them. Prior to 2011 we had no official records of changes made to our code. Now we have issue tracking, changelogs, etc.
    4. Server: rebuild it. It was running outdated OS / software.

  5. Add Mobile support
    1. Get the site working with mobile devices (phones).

ADISC's Accomplishments in 2011:

  • Free up enough of my time, that I can start planning for the future:
    • Automation
      • Many tasks (such as handling email bounces) were automated.

    • Delegation
      • Many others (such as handling reported content in social groups, on profiles, etc) were delegated to other staff members (with tools written as needed to enable this delegation).

    • Development
      • We appointed a developer (Macky) to help me with technical and design work.

  • Content
    • Articles:
      • Added a second articles editor. (Akastus, in July)
      • Roughly doubled the number of articles we have (51 to 100).
      • Edited many articles to improve quality.

    • Stories:
      • Appointed two mods for the story forums, babyjess (Feb to Aug) and Tripped (Jun to present).
      • Clearly defined the rules for the story forums, for the first time.
      • Made significant progress in tidying up the story forum, and increasing writing quality.

    • RP:
      • Appointed the first mod for the RP forums, Hex. (July)
      • Significantly increased the quality of posts there.

    • Forums in general:
      • Appointed several new staff, giving better forum moderation overall.

  • Social Fabric
    • Community Bonding:
      • Made various pushes to encourage members to welcome newbies, create sub-communities, etc.

    • Social Groups:
      • Cleaned up social groups, improved their moderation, and did a lot of maintenance.

    • Individual Relationships:
      • Put more of an emphasis on friends/contacts.
      • Removed the DC gallery.

  • Problem Areas
    • Wiki:
      • Completed porting of wiki content to Articles system (substantially improving it in the process).
      • Removed obsolete Wiki system.

    • Live Chat (IRC):
      • Created, then switched to, our own IRC server.
      • Made IRC nicks consistent with site usernames for the first time.
      • Eliminated many issues (impersonation, ban evasion, etc) in the process.

    • Organization:
      • Started tracking software changes.
      • Started properly organizing TO-DO lists.
      • Generally set up organization such that delegation & monitoring of work done is now possible.

    • Server:
      • Rebuilt with new OS, webserver, DB server, etc.

  • Mobile
    • Added/supported 4 different methods of accessing ADISC via Mobile (Tapatalk, vMobile, Lightweight, normal browsing).
    • Unfortuantely, no perfect solution was found. All methods are imperfect in various ways. Still, we continue to work towards a solution here.

  • Other
    • Requests
      • Added two requests helpers (Near & Nihlus).
      • Kept requests response time fast, despite getting >150 requests to the staff per month.

    • Safety
      • Greatly increased the size of the safety mod team.
      • Made great progress on safety work.

ADISC's Goals for 2012

  1. Content
    1. Encourage the creation of higher quality content. (e.g: articles, posts, etc)
    2. Make it easier to find this content on the site. (e.g: featured posts on homepage)
    3. Hilight our best content off-site. (e.g: newsletters)

  2. Teens
    1. Do even more to protect the safety of the teens that use our site. (e.g: better privacy options, possibly higher minimum ages)
    2. Do an even better job of communicating safety information to teens & (when they visit) their parents. (e.g: "Safety Tips" sticky)

  3. Personalization
    1. Show members more of things they're interested in.
    2. Similarly, make it easy for members to block/ignore things they aren't.

  4. Mobile
    1. Mobile support for the site. Perferably a single product that works for everyone. (very difficult, but worth it)

  5. Integration
    1. Better integration with the Live Chat.
    2. Better integration with the Gallery. (will likely require replacing the gallery)

  6. Staff / Memberbase interaction:
    1. Finding ways for the memberbase help the staff, where possible, taking load off the staff and letting everyone get involved.
    2. Being more transparent about the plans for ADISC's future. This post is a start, in that regard.