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Thread: Heat is back on. Gas tech's can finally go home. ABDL is finally happy. :)

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    Default Heat is back on. Gas tech's can finally go home. ABDL is finally happy. :)

    For two days of my 3-day weekend, was a bust. Gas line went out and it took 2 days to fix. I didn't know what was worse, people coming in and out all day or being cold.

    The people were nice, and it's a good think I don't hide my .... stuff... in the utility closet .

    If they had discovered my stuff, they probably would just chuck it up to their their long list of stories of what they find in people's apartments/houses/etc. over the years (lol). It's still unnerving to me and my wife to have them in our place and not knowing when they will be back in again until they say they are done. It took until 7:30 tonight.

    Any body else out there have nervous repair-man stories?


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    Lol, not so much as repair man but a female mobile mechanic who was working on some rather complex and confusing issues with a car I used to own... She ended up getting hungry so I cooked her something to eat (she was here for at least 9 hours) and I accidentally opened the cabinet where I keep my "stuff" hahah... Don't know if she saw it, but I almost had a heart attack when I opened the wrong door.

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    Yup, my mom tells me "hey the internet service guy is coming tomorrow to fix the internet." and I say "wow history channel doesn't play much history anymore, this channel sucks."
    So Pretty much that whole thing went over my head

    So I wake up at 9:00 and I'm dressed in my nocturnal attire (which is my way of saying sissy clothes & diapers) and I'm like of sh** because the guy is at the door. Anyways things worked out fine.

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    We have the occasional repair person. My wife dialyzes at home and occasionally the machine has to be adjusted or fixed. The machine is in our bedroom so when he comes I have to hide my big teddy bear because he wears a onsie. The other plushies can stay on the bed because two of them were supposed to be the dog's toys. The other is a stuffed dog and looks like it could belong to the dog, but it's mine.

    One morning I was in the kitchen wearing a very wet diaper under my shorts. The mailman came to the door with a package so I had to answer it. His eyebrows went up significantly. Oh well.

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    I know that at least one electrician has seen my stash. He was repairing a faulty light fitting in the bathroom and it turned out that it had been fitted in such a way as to be a fire hazard, so he offered to check all the other fittings in the apartment (which meant he'd also be going in my bedroom). Luckily at the time all the babyish stuff was out of sight except for the diapers. I'm assuming he thought they were for medical reasons.

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