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Thread: Point it in a different direction after the first wetting in bed?

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    Default Point it in a different direction after the first wetting in bed?

    I currently wear an Abena M4 and I always point it down thanks to all the posts about "Up or Down." But I'm still nervous about having a second or third wetting in bed without changing. Should I reach it and point it up since down below is already filled and wet while lying on my back again? Or should I leave it pointed down and just roll over onto my belly so it flows to the front? Having had enough guts to wet more than once with the Mrs. sleeping next to me but wetting while in bed feels unreal!!!! I love falling asleep to all that warmth.

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    If you are concerned about leaking, I would say that after the first wetting it wouldn't make much of a different where you are pointing up or down. Personally, I may think that it is better to point it down since it, IMHO, the chance of leaking is lessened.

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    I don't care either way. When I wet the bed (every night) I almost expect some sort of leak it's almost inevitable even in the nicest of diapers. But I think down would would work better in your case.

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