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    Does anyone have an account on that site?

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    Yup! Truth be told, I don't go on very often. I am not the biggest fan of facebook and although is much better, I still tend to lose interest in it. Good place to meet other furs though! ^^

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    I sure do!, and exactly as onecho said I am inactive as well... for the same reasons. I come on from time to time if I get notifications in my mail, but I don't come on other than that and the odd rare occasion.

    It is quite a good place to meet others though

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    Yeah, I'm there. I just logged on recently after several months of inactivity >.<

    It's a pretty nice site and all, I just never got into social networking sites very much. Although like others have said, it looks like it could be good for connecting with other babyfurs and finding/announcing meet-ups.

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    Hehe, I'm under "Pandora." The only reason I don't get on that site very much is because it's very very very very very very slow... It's like having dial-up all over again >.<

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    Yup, I have an account I'm on there constantly too because I finally have a phone that's fast enough to use the full site. I've got this site open in one tab and in the other

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    This is the first I have heard of the site but after a quick look think I may have to go sign up! ^^

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    I have an account, but it's almost never used. >.< is too much like facebook for my liking.

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    I'm there and at least check my groups daily, not much for other parts of the site though.

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    I'm on there, under the same name

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