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    Hello, I found looking for a good site to find & share both info and experiences in diapers. I would be classified as a DL by many, but I wear my diapers for function at nighttime and occasionally in the daytime when I need them. Ever since I was a kid I liked to wear diapers, and I have been a DL my whole life. However, when I was 18 I started having trouble holding it in because of a personal/medical condition. So I wear for both function and for fun.
    My other main interests are skateboarding and surfing. I'm also a musician and a very big music lover in general.

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    Welcome! ^^ Glad that you found us and decided to join!

    You'll find many on here both like to wear for function and fun.

    Much like you, I have been attached to diapers my entire life. In fact, as many will tell you on here, this is a for-life thing and its origins can be very hard to decipher.

    So, you like music? I am a bit of a fanatic myself, although I really have no musical talent to follow up with. Favorite bands or genres? ^^

    Looking forward to seeing you around! Welcome again!

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    I really do envy all you non-Brits who list their one their primary interests as Surfing. I wish I could say that!! Surfing doesn't exist in Scotland, we just call it "drowning on a typical windy, rainy day"

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, brandonwears!
    Would seem you share the same background as many of us; being very much 'into diapers' from a young age.
    But I too am very keen to know what instrument you play, and ultimately what your style is...?


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