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Thread: How to put it...?

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    Default How to put it...?

    So my girlfriend is aware of my DL side and how it chills me out, I told her I never expect or require that she ever wear diapers with me, but I'm wondering if I should ask if she would be down to wear for an evening with me to just chill out (nothing sexual).

    I've been thinking about this for days, how awesome it would be to diaper each other and just chill out and cuddle, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out the order of words to put it in... how should I propose this idea? I want to ask her before I buy my next batch of diapers so I can buy some small ones for her if she decides she would be cool with that.

    I'm okay with her choosing either way, just want to take a good shot at this without pushing it too hard.

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    I do not know if you indulge in front of her but if you do I'd wait til she makes a good natured comment about them. Then reply "what? Would you like to try one to".

    It brings the subject up but leaves an extremely easy "lol kidding" escape

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    I was just replying to someone else who was in a similar predicament. I've had a lot of success with diapers and girls; I think many girls (even girls in their late 20s!) secretly love acting like children and they think diapers are soft, cuddly, and cute. ...and I wouldn't argue that!

    The best way to break the ice is to watch some type of media, whether it be on TV or the computer, that involves people wearing diapers for fun. There was a show on TLC (I think) called "My Secret Obsession" and there was a girl about 17 or 18 years old who was wearing diapers full-time just for fun. The entire show was about her and her love for diapers and acting like a baby. She was more of a DL but the right idea is there for sure. I say put it on the TV and make it look like it "just came on" while you're with her, and then talk about it as if you're interested in it and see where it takes you. You never know, you could soon after be snuggling with your favorite girl in some diapers real soon. If you want to do it, you gotta try. Just try to take her personality into consideration. If she's not too self-concious and has a very strong "young" side then you're probably going to have a fun new activity. If she reacts well to your interest in it, just break 'em out and ask her if she wants to try! Just be smart. It can't hurt!

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    I'm thinking about bringing it up in chat tonight... dunno how this will go. =/
    any last tips?

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    I'd say be as relaxed as you can under the circumstances. Make it more about her understanding you than your trying to get her to do this for you. My wife, who accepts this part of me, wanted to try it one evening. Part of it was pure curiosity -- here is a chance to try something totally different, so why not? -- and part of it was an effort to understand what I was experiencing and a chance to see what I like about it. It was a very cool evening from my perspective.

    She hasn't wanted to do it again, but I converted her to footie pajamas. I bought her a pair as a way to extend some of our experience of that night and I was totally shocked that she loves to wear them... she wears hers more than I wear mine. She is a pretty high power professional type who loves fashion so I wasn't expecting this at all.

    All this is to say, you may find a way to share or capture the moment of all this even if she doesn't like the whole diaper idea.


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    I've actually recently encountered this situation with my girl. Unfortunately she wasn't that receptive but I've come to understand that I may have come on too strong. She knows about my dl tendencies and witnesses me wear under clothes but as soon as she figures out that I'm wearing, she withdraws. I think it makes her uncomfortable. My whole point is that I think you should know if she trusts you a whole lot. If so I'd go with lill's recommendation. Don't screw it up like I did man. Good luck!

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    ...well done for even asking hubbledobble. Now leave it at that, and perhaps she will change her mind at some point, but please let her be the one to do so, you don't want to continue pushing her to do so.

    Well done for trying!

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    basically she told me it would make her uncomfortable since she associates diapers with shit, piss, and babies, none of which she is fond of. She said maybe one day she'll be up for it and she'll let me know, so there's some hope for later I guess. I'm glad I tried, and she said she was glad I had the balls to ask, but for now I diaper alone I guess. might be a long road of her warming up to the idea of even seeing one of my diapers, but that's cool.
    I agree with everyone here, pushing someone is never right. and thanks for the input guys

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